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Monday, 21 May 2007



Looks like a nice place. I might drop in and try the salads. That mall is turning into wall to wall healthy restaurants. I think the only place with fried food is the Rubios and EDO sushi. The other negative is that parking is going to really be lousy in that mall.


Only at lunchtime (from 11:45 to about 1:30)on weekdays is the parking bad, mindless...
weekends are not bad. Never thought about it. Le Peep does burgers, but I never had any-they might make fries there-and I can't remember if Chicago on a Bun has fries...but oh, Rubio's! yes...and Edo is good also. (You do know I can check IP addresses, right?) :)


Looks/sounds like a hometown buffet joint, but better.


Better, not all you can eat or anything like that, Bill. I did just add a photo of the interior(realized I had forgotten). Its fresh made for you and really you can order the way you like stuff- which was why there were baked beans as the side with the feta stuffed chicken...that was an odd mix, but we liked it.


i work near there, so i will have to try this place and wired also. daily's was always so crowded, so i am surprised it's gone.


Since you are covering all restaurant in this shopping mall I highly rexommend Barolo (between Wired and Le Peep). I think it is one of the better Italian in SD.


Hi Julie-it is a mall with a lot of different foods available, and a touch higher ended than the UTC Food Court. I'm glad you read this blog. I have reason to be in so many areas of town and like to share.
Hi, again, Honkman- It just s happened that The Mister and I hit this mall twice this weekend, whiel havinga camera. A close friend (from Lucca, Tuscany)has recommended Barolo to me for the last three years or so and I haven't listened. Either I am alone at lunch and don't want to take up a table (which I don't mind doing at Wired, Rubios or Edo BTW) or the place is closed when The Mister and I are there together(both times this weekend). This year is one of those birthdays that ends in a zero for both of us (we are 7 days apart) and so, maybe this would be a good place for our special dinner...


mmmm the grilled banana with chocolate stuff makes me want to come down for a visit!


We watched him make the banan, sandy. You know those cages for grilling fish? Slap a sliced banana in there and toss it on the grill. Simple! Although sautee-ing in butter, like for Bananas Foster would be great also...


I called the Daily's number (I love that place!) and found out that they are relocating to 888 Prospect, in downtown La Jolla. They are hoping for an August re-opening at the new location.


Thanks for the info, Caren. I put it on my calendar and can do a post later this summer.


The center is really changing. Wired and Barolo are the only two restaurants there that are good. I tried Grillions and had the chicken wrap and did not care for it at all. All the people I went with (4 others) didn't like their food also. Le Peep is gone and hoping that the new restaurant will be good. Chicago on a bun changed owners and there is a definite difference. I won't comment.


Oh, Kathy, I'm sorry it was a bad experience at Grillions. I have ended up only going about once a week and never tried a wrap. It ends up being a kabob plate or salad each time...I have cravings... Yet, I hit Wired minimally twice a week-those fresh baked items get me every time. You are right, though, the Center is changing. I just get so tired of UTC. Sometimes I end up at Bristol and sample some cheese and crackers that are out, put a spoonful of poki into a container and lunch is done.


Okay I tried it again and got the kabob plate and it was pretty good. I'm glad I tried it a second time.


Hi Kathy-I am glad you gave it a second chance. The owners are from a Middle Eastern country and do their own food properly. In thinking about it, I have never had a wrap, anywhere. Burritos, yes..and once I think I had a bite of a hye roller thingy from a Costco party tray...I see those flavored tortillas and, well, bread is more what I crave. In any case, I hope the one time was an anomaly.


I will have to give it a try. I found a website for Grillions here:

Never did get into Daily's but I see I will get a second chance soon. The new owner of Chicago on a Bun is very nice and welcomes feedback and suggestions.


Hi Richard. Welcome. Thanks for the link. I will add it to the main post. Daily's was there forever and I will most likely at least visit the new location. This mall is pretty convenient for me though. Chicago on a Bun- haven't been to in a long time. I may have to have an ealy lunch there again. I do enjoy Windy City Beef out in El Cajon though. The place smells like Chicago when you walk in the door.

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