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Tuesday, 15 May 2007



the roasted pork, the skin is crispy on the top? cause that is sooooooooo good.


Hi Kirk, once again, I love your blog and have relied on it heavily during our year in San Diego. I have complete respect for you and appreciate your friendliness and your generosity with recommendations and reviews. I try not to be critical about what others do, but could you rethink eating sharks fin? I'm not sure if you realize what they do (ie cut off the fins and throw the live animal back into the sea to die, pretty much overfishing them in much of the world), but it's part of Chinese culture that I'm ashamed of (and I've eaten it many times in the past). Especially since so many people read your blog (it also sounds like the dumplings weren't very good). Hope I'm not too sanctimonious, but some food for thought.


That Filipino food looks exactly like the food we just had at my nephew's party this weekend! Pancit, lumpia, empanada and wings are party staples!

Ellen Brenner

Gorgeous stuff, Kirk. Especially that pork belly. Major yum.


I noticed the role reversal too. But that just means you guys are influencing each other as all bloggers do! Keep up the great work, no matter what you cover.


Menu style dim sum not worth it, I think you would miss out on the whole experience, the confusion, the yelling and the rude cart pusher. Then again maybe menu style is the way to go? ;-)

Any Asian party will inspire you to gorge, been there and done that! When is the next one and where is the sign up sheet? ;-)


After looking at all that Filipino food I'm starving...!!! Only one more hour until I leave for lunch...


hahah, I concur with b-boy. Reading your blog Kirk, right before lunch, is not the smartest idea for a hungry gal like myself. Everything looks so delicious! What's the filling on the Filipino empanadas?


Oooh, I'm a sucker for pork belly. That roast pork looks very nice. Is it nice and crispy?


It makes me wonder what the origins of the salted pepper chicken wings are. I suspect that a Filipino cook somewhere in San Diego sold/inspired the idea, but that might just be my crock theory...


maybe if i concentrate really hard on the pictures of that food, then eat my sardines and rice really fast, i can taste the goodness. it's good to be kirk.
*me eat everything!*


i always thought the salted pepper wings were chinese, but they're at every Filipino party I go to


Golden City Roast Pork is heavenly... yes, the top is super crispy and the meat soooo luscious!!!


pork = cat = yakkame = gross/ All other pics look excellent & edible mmmmm


Where did you get your empanadas???!! And where is Golden City Roast Pork? Thank you in advance. I have been searching forever for the best empanadas! I am hoping you can help me since those look like the ones I've been searching for!

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