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Saturday, 19 May 2007



Oh, that makes me hungry! I love that you post the menus. I embiggen them and read the whole thing, deciding what I want to have. But then I order it from an imaginary waiter, and the food never arrives and I get cranky.The Mister's omelete looks deeeeeelish!


It's so late and I'm so hungry after reading this. I wish there were more old school diners that server old school hearty breakfast, so sad they're not around anymore or a dime a dozen.


Jenn- I can't stop laughing! I love your writing style (and yes, I do have your blog bokmarked-have for a long time now). The omelet was wonderful, and a *lot* of food. Next time, The Mister and I will just get that and a side of fruit or maybe pancakes and that will be enough food.
Hi Bill- Yes! I totally did not expect this to be like an old school Diner place. The portions were *huge* and way fresh.


The coffee is actually Boyds Barista brand coffee. I've seen the truck parked outside.


Hello and welcome, Bob. When we went for breakfast, it wasn't Boyd's, I know. In fact, many tables were opting for a pitcher of iced tea rather than the coffee for breakfast that day. I do like Boyd's and will try the coffee again with a meal next time. Thanks for taking the time to let me know.


I recently moved from Lakeside, CA to Texas...they say everything is bigger in TX, I don't think so! My husband and I used to frequent Cafe 67 every weekend and have not found a place yet that compares to our little restaurant back home. I was actually on google trying to find a recipe for the Monterey Potatoes when I found your blog.


Hello and Welcome, Patty. What an unusual and very cool way for you to find our blog. I understand how you get those cravings when you move. You will find a local place in your area -just don't be afraid to walk into places where you see steady foot traffic, despite the exterior- The Mister and I have lived and visited a lot of places and that is the only way to do it. Just walk on in. Get something 'basic' to see if they can do it right and if they can...try more from the menu...
Did you find a good recipe?

John Lacher

I have been living in the Lakeside/Santee area since August 2001. I recall having my first meal at the old Pernicano's. I am Italian on my Mothers side. I spent my child hood and teenage years growing up in Little Italy in New York and finally in Baltimore. Believe me, I know what Italian food should taste like. My Mother and Grandmother made it every day. I must admit, I had one bite of food at Pernicano's, paid the bill and left. I never returned.

Today I learned about Cafe 67. Grazie mille! Sia il cibo che il servizio sono stati eccellenti!"
The food was excellent. The staff was friendly.


Grazie mille, John! I am so glad you tried Cafe 67 out...and liked it. I live out in your section of the county and have tried just about every place that exists, or existed out here...and so agree about Pernicano's before it closed down. It *used to* be good, but went way downhill after some family shifting. Hmmm...New York Italian...I would assume you know the pizza places in that for other dishes...Honestly, only-ONLY the Filippi's in Little Italy. None of the other locations. Now I think I need to do a post. Thanks!...oh, and welcome to our blog!


I am new to blogging but found this when I was looking up the phone number for Cafe 67 (I should know it by heart). I LOVE Cafe 67. I live just down the road in Eucalyptus Hills. Their food is always great. The service is superb. I have used that back room twice for large parties and they are very accommodating. They are also great about letting you bring in your own coffee if you don't like theirs. Filippi's in Little Italy is also a personal favorite - Randall is my favorite server there.


Welcome to our little blog, Danielle! It's neat that people are finding it because of this particular post. I do love the food here...and it is so close to my home, without traffic congestion. Thanks for commenting.


Cafe 67 is the best for their food, and if you want the best Italian, Go to LIDO'S in Lemon Grove, Just off I-94 and Massachusetts.
7252 Broadway. Similar clientele and prices.
Family owned too.

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