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Sunday, 29 April 2007



Hey Clayfu - Was there any doubt? Just kidding...I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! But aren't you supposed to be studying???


i had a final, i rewarded myself. haha


Looks great. I will definitely be checking it out. Next time you're stuck for someone to join you on a dining adventure, hit me up.


Hi Josh - Thanks, I'll make sure to remember. I'm sure you'll enjoy the food here. We've been back several times, the Missus loves the tongue dishes(tan)...tongue with onion is really good stuff!


This is in reference to Clayful and Kirk's comments. The restaurant off the 15 in Mira Mesa is actually called Shozen and it was a Japanese BBQ place but now a Korean BBQ place so it's now called Shozen & Manpo. The original owners of Shozen sold the restaurant in 2005 and opened up Suzuya BBQ, which is off the 163 in Clairemont. Shozen and Suzuya BBQ were the first Yakiniku restaurants in San Diego. I'll have to try Tsuruhashi out and see how it is. Kyle, I heard that the owners of Tsuruhashi are Chinese and Korean. Didn't know if you meant a restaurant being "Korean-owned" a good or bad thing.


Hi Faith - I understand that Tsuruhashi is San Diego is owned by the same owners as Tsuruhashi in Fountain Valley. As to true ethnicity, I don't know, but can easily find out....not that it means much. If you ever go to the Fountain Valley location, you'll find that all the employees speak Japanese. If you enjoy gyo-tan or shirt steak, you'll find the prices to be very reasonable. Here's an update:

Kyle is just making an observation, "back home" in Hawaii, most Yakiniku restaurants are Korean Owned. I ate a Shozen just before I started this blog in 2005, I thought it was I haven't been back


Hey Kirk! I noticed this place when the Mister and I were at Sakura's on Saturday. I made a mental note since I recognized the outside from your picture. I have yet to have Yakiniku so next time the Mister agrees to Korean BBQ, I'll suggest something a little different. :-)


Hi Carol - Try it out...I think you'll enjoy it!


Hi Kirk! I went to Tsuruhashi last night. It turns out that the dish listed as "salted prime tongue with plum and shiso" is mislabeled, the waitress explained to us that it is really made with prime rib eye. Your taste buds are correct!


Hi Noromdiam - Thanks for the info....I thought that was the most tender tongue I've ever had. BTW, we were at Tsuruhashi last night as well.

Robert & Lisa

Hey just wanted to let you know that Lisa and I went to Tsuruhashi Japanese BBQ tonight. We got there at 6pm and had to wait about 15min to get a “shared” table, Izakaya Sakura was going to be our back up if it was too busy. It was really good. I thought much better than Buga Korean BBQ. They had the 2nd best grade Kobe Short Rib Beef ($8.25?)...we got that...and also USDA Ribeye (or the other way around...I dunno) but the Kobe stuff was definately better. Lisa found the Pork Cheek too tough...but I liked it. The seafood mix was great...I wish they gave me more squid leg though (got like 3 little pieces)...the salmon was sashimi grade like you said and the scallops were also excellent...for $8.75 a bargain. The Sapporo draft was also really good...maybe a fresh keg? We also had the Bimibap...not bad. In all less money than Buga and way better service...We'll be back. I used to go to Seoul BBQ but I forgot were it is, but found it's been a while but I think I like htat place better than Buga. We still gotta get together sometime.


Hi Guys - I'm glad you enjoyed Tsuruhashi - you need to try the pork belly, and skirt steak next time - both are fabulous. I find that Seoul has seriously gone downhill, but because the marinades are sweeter than Buga's you might enjoy that taste a bit more. I hope to hear from you soon!


$30.00 a head. Guess that's not too bad. You know what you get for $30 a head in Japan? An hour to an hour and a half of all the meat and veges you can cook and eat AND to top it off - all the Kirin and Asahi you can guzzle. Quite a fun night out! True story - I lived there for 5 years and really miss it.

Some Random Guy

Tsuruhashi refers to the Koreans that live in Japan (prior to 1920).. just an FYI... old post but if anyone actually reads this, it's a really good infusion of the two styles.


Hi SRG - I think I mention that in the beginning.

San Diego Lawyer

Fantastic post!

Those pictures of that rib eye are literally making my mouth water right now!


Hi SDL - If you check out Tsuruhashi, my favorite cut is the prime skirt..... it's full of flavor.

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