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Sunday, 29 April 2007



Hey Kirk,
Interesting post. Hard to imagine since most of our yakiniku "back home" is Korean owned. Damn, you eat some of the wierd stuff man. Power to you though, with me there's some stuff I draw the line with!
BTW BOLA and Oishii, still read your blogs but can't post, great job on both of 'em!
Thanks Kirk! Kathy's posts are on it too!


$3.00 for rice what the heck!
Sounds price like Anjin in Costa Mesa, but well worth it for better quality and grade of meat that melts in your mouth and not it your hands.


There is something like this off the 15 freeway off mira mesa. I think its called Shogun? its about the same price for the food.

and btw if you can't find someone to eat with on convoy, i'm always here haha.


$30 a head is not bad compared to some of the Korean BBQ places in SD. Those strips of ribeye look *very* tasty.


my god, that is food porn! all I want is a huge hunk of super marbled meat...ROAR! hehe, is that drool dribbling down my chin? ;)

Joseph E

Kirk, this one is going straight onto my list. I haven't said that often enough in the past few months, but those pictures look too good to pass up. I agree that $30 a person for that variety and quality of food is reasonable.

Is this the first time you have posted a photo of the owner or manager of a restaurant? I don't think I've even seen a picture of Sam (of Sammy's Sushi). And you even have a photo of the guys eating at the long table. Is this the start of a trend? Well, you have my permission to post my picture if I ever wander in front of your lens.

Do post about the follow-up visit. I'd like to hear about those Kobe short ribs. Mmm...

And thanks again for lunch at Masa. The food was fine, but the company was excellent. Can't wait to read your review.


Oh wow, Kirk. When The Mister and I saw there was no line, we should have walked in the other day, although our dinner at Sakura was excellent.
Thanks for the kind words, Kyle.


I've been trying to get here for some time but haven't been able to for some reason. From the looks of it, I really need to go there. Any chance you are going there soon? If that is what the "prime" grade looks like, I really want to see what the "kobe" grade meat looks like.

Captain Jack

Nice post Kirk,

I sure would like to try the tier one kobe meat. Did the manager say why they did not have it on your visit?

By the way, the photographs look great, you must have a spiffy camera.


Fantastic post! I've only gone to Seoul BBQ on Convoy and this place is my next stop on next weekend to try out. In addition, I learned so much about food (for example scallops being puffed up with water to increase size) just by reading this.

Eat on...


Yum yum! This sounds a bit like a place up in LA that I've been wanting to try. I've had a lot of beef tongue at Yakitori Yakudori lately - new favorite meat!

Andy 美國土子



Hi Kyle - Thanks! Both BoLA and Miss Oishii Eats are not only excellent bloggers, but are two of the nicest people I know!

Hi Billy - Yep, that $3 rice charge ($1.50/pp) kinda stopped me dead. BTW, I passed Anjin the last time I was in Costa got some great choices out Angotei. There, I said it for you.... ;o)

Hi Clayfu - I think you mean Suzuya:

Shogun Kobe is Teppanyaki. I've still gotta hit up Suzuya for dinner....heard their Shabu Shabu is pretty good.

Hi Howie - I thought the exact same thing.

Hi Kathy - Well go grab some Yakiniku!

Hi Joseph - There is sort of a photo of Sam on my post:

It was great having lunch...we'll do it again sometime soon!

Hi Cathy - It's funny, we checked out Tsuruhashi again, no line, but a long waiting list, and a 2 hour wait...where the people were waiting, who knows. Maybe they went to Home Depot Expo???

Hi Jack - You and me both.....

Hi CJ - Betcha my camera costs less than your camera... ;o) I just have a little cheap-y camera! Right?

Hi Darlene - Tsuruhashi and Buga are worth checking out.

Hi Candice - Beef Tongue does really well when sliced thin and grilled.

Hi Andy - There are some really good Yakiniku places up your way - you should check them out!

Steamy Kitchen

Hey there - I just found your site via Passionate Eater. I love your site! $60 isn't expensive at all - it looks like you got a ton of food!


Hi SK - You're right, it's all relative. I don't know how many told me when I mentioned Tsuruhashi, about how expensive the place was.....that's why I didn't reveal the price till the end. It's really not that expensive.

Andy 美國土子

Kirk, where do I go for Yakiniku up here? Japanese food is so hit and missssssssss in LA that I practically avoid it except for the Mitsuwa food court in Costa Mesa and your recommendations.

BTW, does anybody read Kanji? In front of the restaurant, is that the Japanese simplication for Chinese 燒?

Per kirk's explanation, i assume, that Yakiniku = 燒肉


Hi Andy - Billy mentions Anjin, I've heard it's quite good.

3033 Bristol St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

And of course, the original Tsuruhashi is in Fountain Valley:

18798 Brookhurst St
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 593-8393

It can get really pricey if you eat all the Kobe stuff, and of course booze!

BTW, the Missus said that it says "BBQ Meat" on the front.


I love this line:

"...when grilled it reminded me of days at the beach, spearing Tako, turning it inside out to kill, pounding it against the lava rock to tenderize, and simply grilling over charcoal"

Coming from any other blogger, I'd say, "c'mon, you didn't *REALLY* do that"...but you?! I expected nothing less.


Hey Elmo - Actually my Dad was a heck of a fisherman, and had a mean "Tako-eye". You look for the trail that the Tako leaves on the bottom, and follow it to where it lives. My friends are much better outdoorsmen than I, but I was always good at cooking and eating!


i went here tonight, just delicious.

I got the seafood, prime rib eye cap, kobe beef short rib, salted beef tongue, and bbq rib.

after tax and tip and a large asahi, 60$.


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