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Tuesday, 24 April 2007


Andy 美國土子

how can this post have 0 comments?!

that is a lot of panchan! That is a lot of food for two ppl! lolz...


Hey Andy - Well this post doesn't have zero comments any longer! Thanks to you my friend!


Every single time I have gone there, during the posted business hours, (usually with a caucasian male friend of mine), the people say very quickly: "we're closed." And when they say this, there are usually one or two groups of asian customers sitting down eating. I hope I am the only one who has gotten this reception, as they don't appear to me to enjoy non-asian customers. If this is the case, I will continue to avoid it like the plague. Maybe one day, I shall be able to eat here, but probably not soon.


Hi RCLC - That's pretty strange! I'd say that on my visits to Seoul that it always seemed to be a favorite of Non-Koreans. Usually about 1/4th of the customers there are Caucasian. This is also a favorite of Ed from Yuma, and he's never had a problem. What time was your visit(s)......

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