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Saturday, 14 April 2007


Andy 美國土子

oh no, what's next? Unpasterized milk?!!!


Hi Andy - Hole-less donuts are coming right up....

Passionate Eater

Although I didn't sample that sweet potato myself, after looking at the fluffy, steaming innards of that potato from my screen, I agree! That is worth every penny of the $5.00! Especially if it made you two (and me, for three) feel that life was good! ;)


Oh man, Kirk- Sweet potato, mashed potato and stuffing on that open faced hot turkey sandwich, potato chips..and for that Pro-carb diet I'm on...and then the egg and the best Beef Franks ever for the Anti-carb diet I have to do as a New Years Resolution. Its a perfect weekend! :)


there is a dessert i always see at chinese buffets that are basically holeless donuts. heh.


yeah that spicy thai chips testure is great but the flavor is - blah...definitely not my favorite flavor. At Mitsuwa they have roast "yam" at the corner of McFadden and Brookhurst - Saigon Supermarket they have roast chestnut - so sweet and creamy ;-)


Hi PE - Actually a large sweet potaot was $3.50, and a small was $1.50...sorry for the misinformation!

Hi Cathy - I did cover all the major food groups...ummm, wait, where's the pork rinds!!!! LOL!

Hi Clayfu - I also just thought about Malasadas.....

Hi Billy - I kinda liked the faux ginger flavor.....seems like every Asian Market has one of the chestnut vendors right outside.


Wow! so many of my favorite things all in one post. My husband and I have been enjoying those fearless franks for a while. We also have two bottles of Hitachino nest beer in the fridge, waiting for the perfect occasion to open them up =)

I kind of agree with The Missus that the flavor of those thai spice chips are a bit odd, but that didn't stop me from eating most of a bag in one sitting =)


Hi Lynnea - I guess we've got a lot in common.... ;o)

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