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Thursday, 12 April 2007



I'm glad you're still kicking after all the food. Sounds like a bargain, wish I had a box to go ;-)

Andy 美國土子

that's alot of longanisa. little filipino kitchen places are awesome. they are often better than the restaurants!

If you're ever around Diamond Bar, stop by the Greenhills Market on Grand and Diamond Bar blvd. their kitchen is excellent. Paksiw la lechon is their best. I try to go there only once a week, but it's tough to be restrain oneself =)


My goodness! You guys are crawling with Flip places! Why can't we?

I need almusal and/or a turo turo place near me.

Captain Jack

Phil-Am's selections look interesting, but that plate from Tita's is what really caught my eye. Tita's 2 item combo might make a nice appetizer before a six burger stop at In-N-Out.


you know what? you're really good at hunting down plate lunch kine spots! :) When I first saw the longanisa, I thought it was the Chinese lup cheong...and now I'm really craving both!


What is it with Filipino places and their portions? They're insanely massive, and I have zero self-control when food is sitting in front of me.


What is it with Filipino places and their portions?

I think it's a holdover from the practice of sending party-goers (who have already eaten) home with a baon, or a sizable portion of food, for their respective families, almost as a party favor. (I should know - I grew up in a Filipino household.) In fact, not being generous with one's food is virtually a serious social sin.

I have a hunch that this once might have been a way to formally invite the neighbors to a big feast commemorating a significant social event like a wedding or baptism.

In Bali, anyway, this is still done. The day before a wedding, the sponsoring families send a large parcel of wedding feast food to each house in the vicinity, formally announcing the next day's festivities. (There are no RSVPs or paper invites - or if there are, they're still strange concepts to the Balinese.)


So how do I catch up on 6+ months of posts???!!??

Anyway, great eye...but if there is one person I know who would find a place like this it would be you Kirk!

I might have to go in tomorrow morning for breakfast. Longsilog or tocilog without having to make it myself or drive to National City. How great is that?


I pass by that strip mall every Monday and Wednesday on my way to the teaching gig at Mesa. Now I'll have to try Fil-Am, despite the Dr. telling me to watch my cholestrol. Oh, I see that they're open on Saturdays...


Hi Billy - Yep, still alive and kicking......

Hi Andy - Once a week! Sheesh, I can barely do once a every few weeks.

Hi Elmo - This one is interesting because it's so out of the way.

Hi CJ - I think it's just enough food for a CJ appetizer.... ;o)

Hi Kathy - I'm just very curious I guess.....

Hi Howie - This place doesn't overload you, and the food is less fatty as well.

Hi Ed - Thanks for the insight. Several of my very good friends back home are Filipino...and whenever one of their parties is over it's bad form not to go home without a plate to take home.

Hi Jack - We'll catch up over lunch.

Hi Toisan - The portions are not as huge as those in National City, and the food can be hit-and-miss due to the limited variety, but some of it is pretty good!


lechon kawali is so easy to make cant understand how they can mess it up. I personally get the liempo (bacon slab) and boil it with some spices till soft or pressure cook it (even softer) let it drip dry and put it in the fridge overnight. next day deep fry mo na lang the skin is heavenly! just make sure your oil is hot before you fry the pork tho.


Went there last week. Probably going back tomorrow. I got a menu but didn't notice any "Buy 2,Get 1" special on it. I may have to mention it... :)

Anyway, the price was still reasonable and the food was pretty good. The lady that was there was really nice. I mentioned that I had heard about them on this site and she apparently knew about it and seemed really appreciative.

I do try to patronize small businesses whenever I can but if I can get longanisa in the bargain, all the better!!!


Hi Dale - Maybe the they don't have that offer any more??? The prices are reasonable, and the ladies working there are very nice.


Not a problem at all. I'd hate to think that I would be cutting into a fairly modest profit margin anyway. No sense in driving people to their place only to force them to lose money. I just think of the difference as sort of a tip.


Damn, keep forgetting to mention that I could really have gone for a little bagoong w/tomato & onion on the side... Then, I'd really start having flashbacks of being back home in the Bay Area.


Hi Dale - I'm pretty sure they have bagoong, and would be happy to get you some in a small container if you ask.

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