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Wednesday, 25 April 2007



aw man... we loved thien thanh. but you are right, we were always the only table anytime we went, except for some card playing fellas in the back room one time... shucks.


oh, and i just told my wife the sad news. she remembered it by the odd/creepy/cool horse painting they had hanging on the wall. but she did get a laugh saying that we should go for some Pho King soon. ahem...


Darn there goes your bun cha hanoi, my addiction at the moment.

ed (from Yuma)

Yeh, I tried to eat there on my last visit to SD and was bummed out that they were closed. Funny enough, Dave and Michelle from Jamul, when I called them to talk them into Latin Chef, said that they would love to go back to Thien Thanh. It's sad when a distinctive family restaurant can't survive.


Thien, Thanh...Gone! That's too bad - I guess I'll go cry in a chicken bucket with the Marshall Tucker Band.


That's so sad-- we really loved Thien Thanh. Sorry to see it go.


Is that a picture of okonomiyaki with a happy face up there?! The photo alone totally made my day! :)


Hi Dave - Yes, it's too bad, we really enjoyed Thien Thanh. I can just hear all the various Pho-King lines.....

Hi Billy - Yes, it's a real bummer...

Hi Ed - And just when I wanted some Bun Cha Hanoi!

Hi Trent - Make sure it's KFC.... ;o)

Hi SK - Yes, what a bummer....we'll miss the place.

Hi Kathy - LOL! Sometimes, I like to "play with my food"!


Doesn't the Missus read this blog? Sheee's going to killlllll you!! HAhA! ;-)


Hi Elmo - She reads every post.....lucky for me she has a great sense of humor.


Very funny Kirk!! But I have to say, "Sam Woo" the killer whale is my favorite story and still crack up when I think about it!

Joe Monroe

I love Pho. I can't wait to see if they make any Pho King awesone food.


Hi Joe - Just couldn't help it, huh? ;o)

Joe Monroe

No couldn't help it. By the way, I really do love Pho and like it for breakfast. If I had it the morning of my post, I may have actually spelled awesome correctly. But someone had to do it.


No problemo Joe - I knew exactly what you meant!

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