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Thursday, 19 April 2007



Dang! I went to hear a musician-friend play a gig just down the street from this place just a couple of weeks ago--if I had known how good it was, I could have had a much better dinner than I wound up having that night! So cool to learn about the Chinese-Peruvian connection. I will definitely be checking this place out the next time I'm in the area.


Nice little shop looks like a Mama Inka, boy do I want some more Saltado de Pescado...yum.


Mmm...yuca fries and fried rice - my two favorite starches! BYOB too! Thanks for the review Kirk!

ed (from Yuma)

As I have said, I just got lucky. If I hadn't gone to the TJ's almost across the street, I wouldn't have spotted the place. And I am also so grateful to my friends from Jamul for driving across San Diego to have dinner there with me and satisfy my food curiosity.


oh man, this place is so much better priced than the peruvian restaurants in the claremont aji de gallina costed nearly twice as much! Keep the peruvian food posts coming, it's all so interesting!
I like how "chifa" means "chinese-style"! hehe :)

Joseph E

You did it again, Kirk. What a find! I haven't had good Peruvian food for 3 years (though 4 years ago in Peru was the best). We just saw this place yesterday while driving home from Saturday breakfast at Cantina Panaderia in PB; I recall thinking that Peruvian and Brazilian was a strange combination. I never would have tried it myself.
Were there any actual Brazilian dishes on the menu? All those you've mentioned sound Peruvian.


Hi mizducky - Latin Chef is priced right, and the service is very friendly.

Hi Billy - Ok, so now I have to add Mama Inka to my list....

Hi Candice - It is a nice little gem in PB.

Hi Ed - Well most of the time it is being in the right place at the right time.

Hi Kathy - Well, this is the only decent Peruvian food I've had in San Diego..... so I'm hoping the menu will expand over time to add a few more items.

Hi JosephE - I had the same first impression, but the food turned out to be pretty good. There are 4-5 Brazilian dishes on the menu, but the Owner and Chef are Pervian, so that's what we stuck with. The food is good, and so are the prices. There might be a wait for your food, but the people here are so very nice.

Captain Jack

Nice post on Latin Chef. It is a great little place. I will have to try the Arroz con Mariscos when they have it.

Andy 食神

OMG that just made me soooooo hungry..... especially that pescado! The portion sizes look just right.. not too large, not too small. This restaurant is flagged as a must try!


Hi CJ - I agree, nice folks and good food!

Hi Andy - Yes, the portion sizes are just about perfect, and the prices are pretty good as well. When you're around, give me a buzz, and maybe I'll be able to join you!


Hi everyone,
how far it's this restaurant Latin Chef from Mission Bay?
I will be going to San Diego in July..
and also how far it's Mama Inka??/
I am a Peruvian who live in Oregon


Hi Soyedil - Latin Chef is not very far from Mission Bay, it is located in Pacific Beach. Maybe the best thing to do would be to use google maps or mapquest and get directions from where your staying. The address for Latin Chef is:

Latin Chef
1142 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA 92109

Inka Mama's is all the way in Orange County at least 80 miles away.

Inka Mama's
26676 Portola Parkway, Suite B
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

You can find a listing of more Peruvian Restaurants in Orange County here:

The Guilty Carnivore

Thx Kirk. I'm going to be at the beach in September for a wedding. This is the place I will lobby the gang to visit. If not, I will leave them.


Hi GC - Yes, give them a shot, the food (cebiche) is quite good. If your party is on the larger side, call them to make reservations, the restaurant is on the small side.

Here's Candice Woo's review of Latin Chef:


hola quiero comer en un rico restaurante peruano en San Diego,e ir con mis amigos para que prueben la comida Peruana , donde me recomiendan ir?.
hello i want to eat in a Peruvian Restaurant with my friends, so they can try Peruvian Food, what restaurant do you recommend?


Hi Liz - Aji Seco is undergoing renovation - so I'd recommend Latin Chef.


Thanks for the two great reviews of Latin Chef! I write a blog where I research a different country every month and try to either cook a meal, or find a restaurant specializing in that cuisine to fill out my "armchair travels". Little Chef didn't disappoint in my quest to try Peruvian food! If you are interested in reading about my experience, check out
Thanks again!!


Hi Nikki - Thanks for the link, and taking time out to comment. you've got wonderful blog, I really enjoy the "theme".

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