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Sunday, 15 April 2007



Yum Peruvian food...The first time I had Peruvian food, I was like what the heck - it seems to have an Asian flare, which was alright with me. I'm a big fan of the Pescado de Saltado and this place -
There green sauce they serve with the toasted bread is so so so gooooood.

Wandering Chopsticks

Kirk, Great overview of the Chinese influence on Peruvian cuisine. Now, what about the Japanese? :)

Makes me want to go to my local Peruvian restaurant...Oooh, and I've got a craving ceviche...


I wish I had read your post before going for Peruvian in Claremont last week! Can't wait for part 2 :)


Hey Kirk,

The local ordinance has changed a few years ago, now its 1 coffee shop on every corner and 2 tattoo parlors for every 1 coffee shop. And sushi restaurants, bars, and expensive clothing shops fill in the gaps!

We tried a few dishes there already and the Ajide Gallia – Shredded chicken in a spicy sauce made from cream, yellow aji (Peruvian chili), and cheese is by far my favorite.

Freddy told us the hours were 12:30 to 9 Tuesday through Sunday.


Hey Kirk - longtime lurker, first time commenter here. When I used to live in Miami, my "corner Chinese take-out" place was called Chifa and was, you guessed it, chinese-peruvian food. Soo good. Before I went there, I had no idea about the chinese/peruvian connection, but boy was I fascinated once I learned about it. Also, for the record, as indulgent as it sounds, mixing fried rice in with papa la huancaina takes two masterpiece dishes to a whole new level!


Hi Billy - I was the same way...the first time I had Lomo Saltado....I went, "I swear, there's soy sauce in this...." Hmmm Peruvian in Lake Forest...another one for my list!

Hi WC - Well, I'll have to find somewhere that serves stuff like Tiradito, etc......

Hi Kathy - You did just great for yourself.

Hi Jim - LOL! I did have the Aji de Gallina, and the flavor was pretty much what I remembered. Those "yellow" Aji are called Aji Amarillo. That's coming up in part 2.

Hi Holly - Thanks so much for commenting! Now that sounds like a restaurant I'd love to visit. And Arroz Chaufa with Papas a la Huacaina sounds pretty darn good...I'd just settle for some papas fritas, I just can't seem to get enough carbs!

Andy 食神

this sounds like a must try!


Hi Andy - I think this is a must-try for San Diego. There are a ton of good Peruvian Restaurants in your neck of the woods.


does anybody knows how far it's this restaurant from mission bay?
i am going to San Diego in JuLy!


Depends where on Mission Bay you are, but it should be pretty close. No freeway necessary. Garnet Avenue is in Pacific Beach, which is the neighborhood north of the Bay. Mapquest it from your hotel address.

Vince Velasco

Glad to see a new Peruvian restaurant in SD. I've tried a good majority of the Peruvian restaurants from the Grossmont are to as far north as the Bay Area. I tend to judge a place by how they prepare Tallarin Verde con Bistek Aponado, the flavor and quality of their green and orange sauces and lastly by the flavor of the papa ala huancaina. For beverages I usually look for maracuya or cola Inglesa, instead of the typical chicha morada or Inka cola found at most places. I'm definitely looking forward to trying this place in PB.

Vince Velasco

Since I can't edit my previous post, it should read from the Grossmont "area" to as far north as the Bay Area.

I agree there are a large number of Peruvian places in LA County, which is definitely a good thing. Some favorites are El Recoto, El Hatuchay, El Virrey and a little place a couple of blocks east off the 101 fwy on Hollywood Blvd whose name I can't quite remember at the moment.

Ocean Beach used to have a good restaurant on Voltaire many years ago. Haven't tried the north county Peruvian place yet. The one near Grossmont didn't pass my taste test.


Hi Vince - Ana Maria's is long gone. I hope you're guide for "judging" is only for the US. Because I wouldn't want to see you ordering that in a Cebecheria or Chicharroneria in Peru. The first place I ever had good Peruvian food at was El Rocoto on Artesia, it was the place that first got me interested in the cuisine, which culminated in our visit last year.

Alex Flores

Hi there, I never thought there would be that many Peruvian food "fans" out there, our cuisine has really come full circle and deservedly so. Allow me to add yet another wonderful restaurant in the L.A. area, is called "Don Felix" (on Virgil St., it has been there for at least 20 years)just East of Vermont Ave. and just off the 101. Absolutely one of the best "lomos" you'll ever try! and just like "El Rocoto" in Gardena, the owners are Japanese/Peruvians, and yes, they stir fry their lomo saltados, with plenty of soy-sauce. You can Google them for their address and directions. Buen provecho!!!

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