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Friday, 06 April 2007



Congratulations on the Web site success. I know the wife and I just used your site to today to eat at Zarlito’s…Villa Manila was closed due to Good Friday. It was all good!

Thank you Kirk for your time and effort!


Yay for 500!!! :)
thanks for saving an "extra one," but I'm afraid I'll still have couple more months to go before I can legally drink that, hehe ;)


Congratulations on 500 amd 500,000! Whoo hoo!!! Have a happy Easter, Kirk, Cathy, and your families!



Congrats on the milestone! 500,000 hits and 500+ posts is simply awesome. I couldn't even think of those types of numbers at 2 years (mmm-yoso will be 2 in May right?).

OKG will be 3 in a matter of's hard to believe that it has come and gone so quickly!


Congrats Kirk! My hats off to Cathy and Vicky as well. Y'all do such a great job at this that the first thing I do in the morning is check out this site.


I'm an avid reader of your site, even though I live in Ohio and have never been to California!!

I stumbled upon your site quite awhile ago, and have continued to read your reviews. Love it!!

Captain Jack

Hey Kirk,
I can not believe you spotted Latin Chef already. They just opened two weeks ago. I had take out from there last week. Papa A La Huancaina, and Aji De Gallina. Do you have hole in the wall food spies in PB? Is a post on LC forth-coming?

Wandering Chopsticks

Congrats Kirk! Wow! 500K+! All exclamation mark worthy! :)


Congrats Kirk!

Happy Easter to you and your wife!

I'm glad I came upon your site last year when looking up Ben's 1615. Your site is always informative and I enjoy your detailed posts!


Hi Jim - We're still trying to find the best Sinigang for you guys.....we'll let you know when we find it!

Hi Kathy - We'll just have to get a new bottle then! ;o)

Hi Jenn - Thanks so much! Happy Easter to you as well.

Hi Reid - You are the gold standard that I try to live up to!

Hi Jean - Thanks for your eternal support, and always commenting!

Hi mom2bet - Thanks so much for reading...and for finally commenting!

Hi CJ - Actually, Ed from Yuma and I had dinner the other night, and he showed me a copy of the menu....I love Peruvian food, not much more to say!

Hi WC - Thanks for the ! and !, and always stopping by and commenting.

Hi Reynila - Thanks! Happy Easter to you as well!


Congrats, Kirk and company! Thanks for all the fun and info, and here's to many more posts (and hits).



Hi mizducky - Thanks!

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