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Saturday, 28 April 2007


Joe Monroe

Thanks for taking a bullet for us and trying them again. I do wonder if we can start a dbate... someone told me "Pizza" was originally invented in Greece. Hmmmm.


Cathy, I think pizza crust should have flavor of it's own. There not being any flavor of olive oil you describe is a dead giveaway that they need to rethink their crust recipe. Olive oil isn't expensive, sure, more expense than shortening or vegetable oil, but if you're making pizza, olive oil is a must. I don't think I'd bother with Rosa's based on that description, so thank you!


Hi Joe- I am trying to be fair. Really it was not as bad as the first time. Hmm, must check Wikipedia about origins of foods.
Hi Amy- Yes. The thing is that the texture of the crust is superb. If there were *something* in it to give it some sort of flavor, it would make all the difference. I don't mind eating high caloric food, but want to *enjoy* those calories. It's silly to eat flavorless or bad tasting calories...


The best pizza in San Diego IMHO is Knockout Pizza in Carlsbad.


Hi, Tina. I have heard of Knockout Pizza. Personally, The Mister and I do like Bronx the best and I know the owner of KO used to be part of Bronx, so it is probably similar. Next time I am in Carlsbad (probably when my brother comes to visit and we all go to Legoland) I'll be sure to check it out (and blog about it, of course). Thanks for letting me know.


Geesh and I thought Costco pizza was good - I need to educated myself on the pie. ;-)


Hey Bill- The stuff Costco serves *is* good. It doesn't meet my definition of great, but The Mister and I get a slice every so often, maybe with a couple of Polish dogs and beverages and eat outside the store- it's dinner that I did not have to cook at home and costs less than $5.



The pizza at Knockout in Carlsbad is much better by far.

The crust is superior and they dont go cheap on the toppings.

I like it much better than the Bronx.


Don't forget that Shanghai City is in that mall!


Ooops! Sorry, Klug...had to walk right past it to get to Nijiya for the can o' tea. Thanks for reminding me. Mmm. Soupy dumplings...


I'm glad to hear that Rosa's pizza is lower in fat and lower in acrylamides (carcinogens created from browning). Since Domino's and Pizza Hut put dairy in their crusts and sauce (something that you may be relating to flavor), we can't eat at these, as we have milk protein allergies (we get cheeseless pizzas).

I've never found a pizza in San Diego that came anything close to real Chicago pizza --- the REAL pizza place --- lots of herb-full sauce and no cracker-like crust like the New York "pizzas" have.

The last time I was in Chicago, my favorite place was boasting "California Pizza." EGADS!!!!


Hi Linda. My best friend's husband is severely lactose intolerant (to the point of *nothing* made with calcium proprionate, lactic acid or anything of that sort) and she has been able to make quite tasty breads, 'pizza' and other 'common' foods that do not taste cardboard-y or are flavorless. Nope, Rosa's just makes bad pizza, using real ingredients. I have several friends who now live out here from Chicago and they agree with you, nothing here is quite the same as back there. Then again I think the same can be said for just about any fod that is 'common' to the place you live. Being there, it is the 'right' way and everyplace else just has imitations. I don't like to eat Dominoes, Little Cesar or Pizza Hut Pizzas- I merely grew up in the birthplace of both Dominoes and Little Cesars. I have, however, been to Italy, where pizza is: 1) Not a main course, and 2)Mainly bread and olive oil, with some light toppings thrown on the center of the bread (a small mound of fresh mozzarella, some tomato and a piece or two of basil). Interesting website/topic. Thanks for commenting on our little blog.

Dave (same one as before)

Cathy, thanks for giving them a try again. I don't even rightly remember everything that I had said in my original comment, but it seems that the missing ingredient was the toppings. When I had my pizza (which I compared to your experience) I had ham and pepperoni on it, which really added a lot to the flavor. I'm glad that the sauce mystery was also solved (marinara as a pizza sauce? ew....)

I'm also compelled to write this response because of your comment that you were raised in Detroit. I was too and believe me, finding a good pizza out here has been tough when I have Buddy's, Cloverleaf, Pizza Papalis and old favorites like Cibo's (which sadly no longer exists) to compare to.

I'm glad you enjoyed it more this time around though!


Hi again, Dave! I usually like a cheese pie, or if I know they have good sausage, one with sausage and mushrooms, but not a plethora of ingredients. It is good test in general with any new place I go to-to just get a basic food item...either with not many toppings or whatever they are known to do as their "specialty" and if they can do that right, then I move up to the 'fancier' add ons...but I find myself going back to basics with my general taste the pure simplicity of some items. Nothing is like the foods we grew up with, so I do just look for good food out here and waiver between a Bronx cheese pie or plain calzone and the sausage mushroom pie at the Filippi's downtown. West side. Detroit-Detroit, as in I could ride my bike over the bridge to Canada. Lived just off Michigan Avenue and Livernois.


Hi Cathy, I completely understand your description of no taste pizza. Which is why I love (love!!!) pizza from Frankie's Italian Deli in Mira Mesa. They have the most superb pie I've ever had (my family thinks so too). The marinara sauce is so flavorful (and I think it's a key ingredient that makes or breaks a pie) and they use only real mozarella. The only thing is that the pizza is best right out of the oven. Once the pizza starts cooling down, the cheese begins to harden and loses its appeal until reheated (best in oven). We usually eat there and take leftovers home, if any.

I have a hard time describing the taste since there's so much, but not so much it overwhelms the pie. It's...savory (can't think of a word to describe the multitude of flavors going on). You can taste all the herbs and spices that are subtle but works so well together.

Those who like thick-crust pizza may not like Frankie's. I don't think crust is primary focus in Frankie's pizza but rather a compliment. It's crusty on the outside and has a nice chewy texture on the inside. Good to finish off with extra sauce and parmasean cheese. I certainly would recommend giving Frankie's a try. Jerry (the original owner) is back in the kitchen and his pies are the best!

Oh yeah, my MIL said Frankie's meatball subs are to die for. Never tried it cuz I just crave the pies!


I have passed Frankie's many times, Carol...going to Tapioca Heaven or Bolsa...I promise I will try it soon, though. They seem to have a lot of lunch specials.

Jack Johnson

The reason that many people complain nowadays that the cheese on pizza is nowhere near as flavorful as it used to be is that many pizzerias are using part-skim mozzarella. Most of the delicious cheese flavor that pizza is famous for comes from the fat in the cheese.


That may be true, Jack. I do appreciate full-fat foods (I only buy cream top milk and yogurt at Trader Joe's)...if only this cheese had been burnt a bit...bubbly...I think that would have helped. Welcome and thanks for the thought...I will pay attention to the grease factor a bit more closely.

Lee Dang

Dude... this is Lee from Rosa's Pizza. I want to thank everyone who commented, and have supported us over the years. We have greatly appreciated your business, and we will continue to return our gratitude by providing good honest pizzas for years to come. Rosa's Pizza has been servicing San Diego for over 16 years now, and we wouldn't still be here today if we made crappy pizza.

Now, after reading this review, i was greatly disappointed by the ignorance of the person who wrote this review.

1. Our pizza is "NEW YORK STYLE" pizza. I understand that the writer has been to Italy and is from Detroit. And it doesn't take an idiot to realize that New York is not Detroit or Italy. Rosa's prides itself in making authentic New York Style pizza. The people who have been coming to Rosa's week after week, and year after year, come here specifically for this style of pizza. New York style pizza's have a thick outer crust, and a thin middle crust, and the crust itself has a very subtle taste to it. The reviewer called the crust, "flavorless", i challenge you to find me something in this world that doesn't have any flavor. I agree, the crust doesn't have herbs or spices in it, but it isnt suppose to. The sauce is suppose to be marinara and only lightly layered. It doesn't have herbs, salt, or anything else in it. And we certainly do not put garlic bits in it (as someone commented previously). The cheese is REAL mozzarella cheese, the taste is plain. Parmesan cheese and dried red chilli peppers are provided with every order (unless you eat it outside the store, in which case there are two shakers located next to the cash register. This is the type of pizza we make. I am sorry if this isn't your cup of tea, but bad mouthing something you do not understand is ignorant. I also want to note, that the reviewer also neglected to use parmesan cheese or dried peppers in their orders. Here at Rosa's, we understand that there are many different styles of pizza. Pizza has been around for over 400 years now, and many different forms of it exist. We encourage people to go out and try different forms of pizza and enjoy the uniqueness that each style has to offer and please share with us your experience the next time you want our pizza or other outstanding items. We have also made a website to make it easy for yourself to share your experience at Rosa's Pizza. We hope to hear from you soon,


2. You ordered the $6.99 pizza BOTH times. In the first review, you said that the regular price is $9.99, but i can tell you went cheap and bought the $6.99 pizza. This is the very reason I have been telling my father to toss the cheap $6.99 pizza and just make good pizza and charge an honest price for it. But my father, being in the pizza business for over 20 years have seen the trend from real american pizza to cheap $5 crap you get from pizza hut and dominoes. The problem is people are freaking idiots and buying that stuff up like crazy. We have seen our business drop 75% over the last 10 years because of this. So my father, creates a $6.99 pizza for those who just want a cheap pizza for the price and not the quality. This inferior pizza has less toppings and less cheese. This is the pizza that you tasted. If you ever come back to our store. Be a man, pay for a $12 pizza and taste the difference. (and yes Cathy, I am telling you to be a man).

3. Bread sticks were never and will never be our area of expertise. I personally tell customers who order it that "it aint all that". It is because we use the same dough for pizza as we use for sticks. My father only added bread sticks because of popular demand, but never sought to develope it as a menu item. I would agree, the bread sticks suck. If it was up to me, it wouldn't even be on the menu. But without a doubt, I can assure you that this is only item i would remove from our menu. Everything else we have is superb. If you do no agree, please feel free to comment on our myspace page, a On our page, you will find the reviews of dozens of others San Diegans who agree. Rosa's Pizza is the BEST pizza in town.

P.S. Cathy went to Little Ceaser and bought a $5 pizza that was 90% dough, had 2-3 pepperoni's per slice, and little to no cheese. What a joke... you paid $5 for 35 cents worth of ingredients. YOU GOT RIPPED OFF!


Welcome to our little blog, Lee. Thanks for reading my experiences of the food I ate *more than* two years ago. This is a blog and not a review site - an open, online diary of foods we eat. You can see I liked the pizza better in April than in January, possibly because of the sauce and sausage factor but that neither time did it "send me". My personal experiences and nothing more.

In response to some of your statements:
1. I have had New York Style pizzas. The ones sold here are not thin in the middle. They are rather thick in the middle and more of a "Boston" style.
B. The price I paid for the pizza should not affect the quality of ingredients, nor should I have to add anything to make it taste better or different. This is how I eat everything-the way it is presented. After eating about half, I then may try to alter the original flavor with provided sauces, add-ins/add-ons or salt. I expect a less expensive pizza to be smaller, but not using inferior ingredients.
i) If you notice other pizzas I have blogged about, I either eat plain cheese or with sausage and mushrooms, at most. Sometimes I add anchovies on my own slices. I don't like a pizza with 'everything'.
II) You shouldn't call anyone who pays a lower price a "freakin idiot", especially in this economy. At least people are still going out to eat, and you should be happy people spend their food dollars on your product.
c. I did not say the bread sticks sucked. I did say they were not in the oven long enough for the cheese to melt and brown and burn a bit, which would have given them more flavor.
D) I said that the ingredients at Rosa's are not fake and are quality. I have been back for some sandwiches and liked them, but I did not blog about those particular meals.
IV) In most of my bloggings, I mention a price, and only mention sizes of portions if it is relevant. I talk about the FLAVOR of what I ate, not the ROI of my meals. A child's or a senior portion of food *any*where should have the same quality ingredients as the adult serving.

You, Lee, seem obsessed with price being related to quality. That's where you are wrong. Price should be related to size and nothing more. Your father has been making pizza for years because he likes making pizza and he makes it using quality ingredients. He is trying to keep the business going and by making smaller, yet quality portions, he can keep it going. All I really asked for was a touch more time in the oven and the product to be able to stand on its own with no add ins/add ons.

P.S. I *like* the flavor of the pizza at Little Caesar. I order a cheese pizza, no pepperoni, and ask for it to be made "well done". I buy it because I crave it, not for ROI.

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