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Monday, 09 April 2007



Take it easy I can't even keep up with the blog....


i was gonna try this out last night, but i decided to go to buga instead. *whew*


Hi Billy - Okay, I'll try to slow things down a bit for you....

Hi Clayfu - Well the meat isn't it charcoal BBQ which imparts more flavor. The panchan was mediocre.

Passionate Eater

My mom and my beau's mom watched the cd version of Jewel in the Palace so many times, their eyes were puffy for weeks from sleep-deprivation and repeated weeping. You'd love the soap opera, and the little actress who plays the young Chang Jeum is an adorable doll! The food in the soap opera looks delicious, and the soap opera was one of the most popular shows in Korea ever. This is a great way to capitalize on the popularity of the show. It is kinda like those Bubba Gump shrimp places, except way better and it will have a much greater following!


Interesting! The panchan looks similar to what you might get at any restaurant here. I have to tell you, though,...eating Korean food in Korea is waaaayyyy cheaper! Just out of curiosity, did you notice how much a bottle of soju runs for?

ed (from Yuma)

Let me say that I had a great time. I also kindof like a shirt that smells like a smokey Korean barbecue.

While I do disagree about a couple of the panchans - I thought the regular kimchee was OK, if a bit sour, and the potato salad better than some - the seaweed and broccoli were boring. Outside of the two fishes and the agar agar, nothing was real good.

But I definitely enjoyed the meat; in particular, the tongue was outstanding. Everyone who eats there needs to have at least one non-marinated meat to savor fully the effect of the charcoal. And the tongue was a perfect vehicle as the thinness of the slices intensified the smokiness. Yum.

Andy 食神

Just imagine the employees who work there! Even industrial strength shampoo can't get all that smoke out. Just don't inhale too much carbon monoxide while eating. hehee

Ever since the explosive popularity of series in 2004-05, there are even vacation tours to Korea that take you to the actual palaces and other filming locations of Dae Jang Geum.

Tehre's even a DJG inspired kimchee chicken sandwich at KFC China.

Since then, I've been to two Korean restaurants that have painted murals of Dae Jang Geum, but this restaurant named Dae Jang Keum... I tink this tops it!


AZN television did a Jewel in the Palace marathon last year, but I haven't seen it on their schedule lately. Has anyone seen a repeat scheduled?


i love reading your blog!! btw, the next time you are in LA you should try the all-you-can-eat Korean bbq at Moo Deung San, it's great. And waaay cheaper than these fancy-schmancy, highly decorated places.


Man, I miss good Korean BBQ. I think I have had it twice since I moved here. Never good enough to go back. I also hate poorly ventilated Korean BBQ places...reminds me too much of bars that allow smoking. [cough, cough]!


As far as I'm concerned, panchan *is* the meal, and the grilled meat is a garnish. If the panchan isn't solid, I'm out.


i love that korean drama -- a foodie would love this show!! i loved it so much that i couldn't bring myself to finish the drama. so i'm halfway through and have not watched it since last year. :P

nice review!


Hi PE - Yes, I almost love K-Dramas! BTW, one of the sites I visited said that the sequel to Jewel in the Palace is set to released next March...stock up on kleenex!

Hi Jenn - I didn't notice, but will pay more attention and let you know....

Hey Ed - It's always a treat to be able to grab a bite......

Hi Andy - A DJK Kimchi Chicken Sandwich!!! Sounds great..... I guess you can't disregard the influence of DJK.....even in San Diego!

Hi Trent - You're a K-Drama junkie too???

Hi Julie - Thanks for the kind words! I'll make sure to add your recommendation to my list.

Hi Rob - The smoke residue is really hard to get out of your clothes.... BTW, I'd like to wish Maya a happy 1st Birthday!

Hi CP - I think the panchan in the more upscale and expensive restaurants are just as important as the entrees.

Hi Annie - You'll have a sequel to look forward to next year!


Hi Kirk--interesting update on Dae Jang Keum (and thanks for the compliment!). We haven't been since last summer and it looks like not much has changed.


Hi Daantaat - You're most welcome! The BBQ items seem to be pretty good, the panchan leaves something to be desired.


Haha my mom owned Boo Cho before it got changed to Dae Jang Keum. I'm glad you enjoyed the food even though it was two years ago. It brings back memories.

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