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Monday, 16 April 2007


ed (from Yuma)

Thanks for the mention. Those tacos are packed with meat. With those doubled tortillas, each taco could become two (and you can't beat a $.75 taco). Just stumbled across a new (to me) truck here in Yuma that has tacos de mantaraya.

Good eatin'


Wow! I mean! Wow! You had me at "Taco Truck".


Those tacos look so good.

Little Miss Contrary

Those tacos look tasty! Per your fantastic review, I went to Buga Korean BBQ over the weekend and it was fantastic--thanks for your foodie inspirations!


Man that looks so good I'm so glad I'm heading up to NoHo. :-)
That style of photography is call bokeh -


I'll have to search for this truck next time I'm in Linda Vista. Everything looks delicious! And at $1.50, it's a steal!

Captain Jack

I have this on my list of places to try. I think I will get liquored up one evening in the near future, and have Stinky Bob drive me over there to play the ever popular, "how many tacos can CJ eat" game.


oh wow, I gotta come down for that! I'm hungry, those look like hungry people tacos...


i'm going in a hour. i won't lie.


Hey Ed - Ooooh Stingray Tacos!!!

Hi Elmo - There must be a bunch hidden around in the OC, just gotta find 'em.

Hi Michelle - These were pretty good, the Lengua and Cabeza are usually good.

Hi LMC - Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad this little ol' blog was of some assistance. You have a nice blog as well - keep up the good work!

Hi Billy - I guess if you intentionally shoot in this style it's called Bokeh....mine is probably just Bro-ken!!! LOL!

Hi Darlene - You won't have to work very's right in the 99 cent store parking lot right off of Linda Vista - you can't miss it!

Hi CJ - Remember to leave some for everyone else, okay?

Hi Sandy - I like that...."hungry people tacos"....sounds about right!

Hi Clayfu - Are you going to call ahead for reservations??? ;o) Now that you mention stomach's growling!


if anyone reads this.
I just took my friend there for the first time. He's been a student in SD for the last 5 years (so as a student we eat alot of mexican food).

he said i quote "the best carne asada i've ever had in san diego".



Hey Kirk!
You had me all chasing for al pastor when I first moved here, and now I really feel like won't do LA justice till I've had cabeza and lengua! :)


Hi Kathy - I just a picture in my head of you chasing a taco truck down the street! LOL!


Hi Kirk, inspired by your post as well as my recent taco truck crawl in Yuma, I drove to Joe's 99 cent store last Wednesday. I arrived at 4:50 PM, hoping that La Princesita would be there. Nope, nothing. Time passed. Finally, at 6:30, resigned to failure, I left. On the way home, I noticed Filiberto's, on the corner of Ulric and Linda Vista. I'd driven by many times before, but never stopped. This time, my curiosity and hunger got the best of me. I ordered carne asada, lengua, and cabeza mini/Mexico City style tacos. Really very good, with heaps of meat on the two standard corn tortillas. They had cucumber, peppers, jalapenos, radishes, lemons, green salsa, and red salsa at their salsa bar. And a bargain at $1 each. Hankering for another taco as well eager to try their menudo, I returned to Linda Vista today. As I drove down Linda Vista, I noticed another little shop on the street immediately west and parallel to Linda Vista--and there was a sign for Taquitos, 99 cents. Of course I had to try one and I ordered another cabeza taco. Once again, the standard two corn tortillas with plenty of meat, cilantro and onions, as well as red salsa and green salsa on the side. Also very good. As I exited I looked down the street and saw La Princesita. Of course I had to have one of their cabeza tacos ($1.50 as you indicated). Also very good, with an extensive salsa selection. But, I had to get to the matter at hand. I returned to Filiberto's, and ordered their menudo--unfortunately, they were all out. The cashier talked me into the caldo de camerone, which was fine, but nothing special. For desert, a had a carne asada mini-taco with a coke. MMMMM. All that food for around ten bucks. In the land of the sunshine tax, lower salaries, and higher expenses, finally a bargain!

P.S. One of the great things I've noticed in San Diego is the multiculturalism; Hispanics slurping down pho at Vietnamese joints and Asians gobbling down carne asada at taco trucks.


Hi Alfred - Wow, I had often thought of doing a Linda Vista Taco crawl, from the taco shop on the corner of Ashford and Beagle(no name - just "Tijuana Style Tacos" in the window) through the taco shop across from the small park, through Super Bronco, and ending at what used to be Cotixan, but is now Valenica's, but I didn't think I'd be up to it. You sure did a great job. Filiberto's is coming up, I've got some photos and stuff from a visit. Sounds like you had a great time!


Right on! Nice to see my hood still getting represented! Great place among other small jewels in LV town :)


Hi Marc - You are right....there are many good places to eat in and around Linda Vista!

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