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Monday, 23 April 2007



Nice about mouth watering.


Thanks, Bill. I sometimes try to be funny or overly creative with my writing. This time I just wanted to get across one main point- it's good!

Joe Monroe

That is way better than a hot dog! SOunds yummy and I'll stop by there. The area has changed... I think the Acapulco Mexican was raxed and a Chili's is there? Also, I ate at a small corner BBQ place in that mall last year... OK, is it still there? Is Krispy Kreme, the dissapearing doughnut act still there? I remember being there at 5:00 a.m. the first day they opened back in 2000? Anyway, I love your reviews... And I love the way you find the little mom and pop shops. I know how hard they work! There's love in that styrofoam....


Hi Joe! Yes Acapulco, the restaurant of a coupon a week, is sadly gone. I didn't see the BBQ place this last time, but did not look. Krispy Kreme is still there: it may be the only one in San Diego that is still here. Do you remember the Leaning Tower of Pizza? Another building just like it is now a yogurt shop in El Cajon. The Mister and I have never been afraid to just walk into any place to see why it has business (This comes from his being in the Navy and travel all over the world, I suppose). Almost always, we are pleasantly surprised. I like sharing these "finds" kind of anonymously with the world! Thanks for the kind words.


Great place Cathy. Went last night and had the Brie and Ham sandwich. Excellent with tons of Brie. Wife got the Brie salad. Pretty plain salad but the side of Brie was great. Apple tart had a great slightly sweet custard with tart apples, a perfect combination. Got there around 6pm and they were out of the French Onion Soup and the panini machine was off. The owner was very nice and even gave us a free pastry to try.


I am so glad to hear this from you, Roland! Customer service is so lacking these days. It's kind of neat that they were out of the soup-shows they make a batch daily and when it's gone, it's gone. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know your experience. I so have to go back soon.

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