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Thursday, 22 March 2007



Coco's is pretty lame. I'm sure they've got barrels of Sysco soup in the back.

Haven't eaten at Del Taco, but I'll assume it's like Taco Bell, which isn't all that bad when not thought of as Mexican food, but junk food. Meat in a tube has that astronaut appeal combined with the taste of 7+ years of government sanctioned school lunches.

I have fond memories of eating at Yoshinoya and would gladly choose it over McDonald's any day. Again, taken in its own light, not bad at all. I really like the beef bowl, with it's tender (as opposed to overcooked) beef and onions over extra moist/dense rice. Actually, I want some now...


Has anyone eaten at a Culver's? (They're mostly Midwestern.) I'd love someone else to compare them to In and Out Burger.

Wandering Chopsticks

Hey Klug,

I remember trying Culver's in Wisconsin for the butter burgers and deep-fried cheese curds. I'd compare them more to a FarmerBoys or Burgerville (a Pacific NW chain). In-N-Out's grilled onions are what makes it so good. I don't remember my butter burger as being particularly special, on the better end of fast food for better quality ingredients, but not so flavorful. The cheese curds just tasted like mini-mozzarella sticks. Not "squeaky fresh," although I guess the frying might get rid of the squeak. The ice cream was very smooth and rich, but all the ice cream I had in Wisconsin was good.

Verdict? OK, good, but nothing special. I do have the novelty factor of saying I ate a butter burger and deep-fried cheese curds though. :)

ed (from Yuma)

My only memory of Coco's was that the menu had notes on it like "We proudly serve Lipton's tea" and other corporate tie-ins. The food was as mediocre as one can expect from a place that is PROUD to serve Lipton's. Faced with a choice of Coco's or Denny's, I'd choose hunger.



Thanks for the judgment. Personally, I really like the butterburger. I wasn't so fond of In-And-Out, but maybe that will change. I remember Burgerville from my childhood, but I never actually had a burger from them! (The fries, though, were great.)


There are probably a lot more places I refuse to step in! Off the top of my head --

Rice King (I can make better stirfry than that!)
Burger King
McDonalds (unless it's at the airport)
Wienershitzel (the hot dog place?)
Del Taco
Taco Bell
Pizza Hut
L&L esp the ones in San Diego

I think I don't like franchise restaurants in general. For whatever reason, I'm always suspicious that the food will miss the personal touch and care. :P


A Butter Burger?!?!? I think that truly earns the exclamation "HOLY COW"! =o) Ruth's Chris does their steaks in butter and lemme tell ya, YUM! Can't eat more than a few bites because it's just SO rich, but oh man, those few bites nearly 5 years ago are firm in my memory to this very day.

Kirk, I say go check out this "Culver's" place and stop at Ruth's Chris on the way. Then drive over here and I'll take you out for the cheapest fried everything and chopped BBQ on the planent! ;o) This is the land where fried bologna sandwichs are considered blue plate specials!


Hey Kirk,

Never been to the three places mentioned above, but you never know! :)


OK, so I checked out Culver's website... yep, you gotta go do a road show!


oooh, thanks for making this post Kirk! I've always wondered about the same restaurant too :)
...sounds like we're better off sticking to our good 'ol reliable bowls of pho, hehe!


Hi All - First off, I'm really impressed at all the comments...I don't know where to begin.....

Hi Reynila - That's what I thought...but you never know!

Hi Erin - Okay, 1 vote for the fries at Del Taco! Thanks for playing along!

Hi Ed - LOL! Okay, 1 vote for saving me from dining purgatory. ;o)

Hi Dave - Okay, another vote for Del Taco fries!

Hi Billy - Ha-ha-ha, yes, you only live the same token, you only die once as well! Another vote for Del Taco...on Tuesdays....

Hi DCCF - Now how did I know this post would get you out of the "woodwork".....another vote for Del Taco, though it sounds kinds "iffy" Mom used to make those Taco "kits" you'd buy at the market with the hard shells, and the mix for hamburger...still, I don't mind Taco Bell once in a while.

Hi Aileen - You know after writing this I found out that the Missus used to love Yoshinoya....

Hi Christine - Another vote for Del Taco fries!

Hi JosephE - Sounds almost like La Posta Taco Shop! Now talk about funny...yeah, I'll drive all the way to Costa Mesa to eat at Norms.....

Hi Souchinda - Whoa...we're gonna have some unhappy In N Out lovers here!

Hi Fred - I think that would be funny......the whole "food memory" thing....

Hi MessyJessy - Thanks for playing along! And another vote for Del Taco fries!

Hi Trent - Not quite the Trent seal of approval...okay, another vote for "not worth sacrificing my taste buds".....

Hey WC - Don't tell anybody, but I like the pork sausage wrapped in pancakes....but I'll only havew it about once every 2 years...I guess I don't like it that much! ;o)

Hi Elmo - I guess I had it good...we were really poor, but there was alot of really inexpensive cheap gindz! Plus, I've had my share of Vienna Sausage and Tuna on Rice.

Hi Janfrederick - So what would happen if I went to the drive-thru at Del Taco and ordered a but-ger...would they call the cops??? ;o) Another vote for the Del Taco fries!

Hi GC - Well that sounds like an interesting Del Taco caused me to drop out of College... LOL! Not exactly a vote of confidence.

Hi CSB - I think I might choose almost anything over Mickey D's.....except for their 99 cent X-large soda....

Hi Ed - That is too we proudly serve Campbell chicken noodle soup....

Hi Annie - Of course the food lacks the personal touch...but so does the food in a large number of restaurants..... Do you mean Chopstix which isn't a chain..or Pick Up Stix???

Hi Jo - Culver's, I've never even heard of it...but I'm game...and other similar last words.

Hi Reid - You're in the same boat, not growing up or being from SoCal....but there are a ton of Del Tacos, Carrows, and Yoshinoya.....

Hi Kathy - I guess it's kind of interesting for us locals who had never heard of these places until being on the Mainland!


I would recommend the chilly cheese fries...not to mention I had El Gallo Giro for lunch for 2 days in a roll now.


Hey Billy - I guess the fries from Del Taco are the overwhelming winner here!


I've never heard of Culver's either until reading through the comments here. But checking out the website... yowza! Garbage food of delight! I mean really, how can you NOT try anything called a "ButterBurger"?!?!? Beef and butter belong together, I'm tellin' ya! Just make sure you go when the tomatoes are good ;o)


Kirk - you're right - it's Pick Up Stix!!


Hi Jo - I don't know if you remember this post - but I had a "butter burger" from one of the local restaurants a while back:

I'm still recovering....

Hi Annie - That's what I thought!


The norms here, I've visited about 18 years ago. It's one of the few dying places around. The last time I was there, food and service wasn't close to good. Thank goodness for the cafes, they are a saving grace but I do think the SGV has been run over by the Chinese.
Oh, you're not missing much on any of these chain places. I only go with my friends who insists on going there. I do like the pies at Marie Callanders better tho.


Hi Petey - We used to drive past the Norms in Whittier all the time...I've always been tempted...


1) Coco's is horrible. My sister was curious about their pies and talked me into going once. Nothing on the menu looked good, so we got the fried mozzarella sticks appetizer and a piece of pie. The pie was just eh, and the appetizer were obviously frozen. I could have gotten something better out of a freezer case at the grocery store.

2) I really like Del Taco. It's similar to Taco Bell, so not real Mexican food, but tasty junk food. I like it better than Taco Bell, honestly. I introduced my sister to it when she moved out here, and she can't get enough. It's her favorite fast food place now.

3) Baker's Square is pretty good. I actually really, really like their grilled cheese with tomatoes and a cup of tomato-basil soup. Decent pie, too.

4) Yoshinoya's--it's cheap, non-authentic Japanese food. The beef bowl is disgusting, the veggies are disgusting. The rest is pretty good. I actually quite like the BBQ chicken.

5) I hate In and Out Burger. Their fries are delicious, but the shakes taste fake and the burgers taste like they're made with sub-standard meat. My husband, however, adores them, but mostly for the toppings. I just don't get the hype.

6) Culver's isn't bad. They had one in Texas where I used to live. I really like their frozen custard, but I stick to the plain vanilla or chocolate. The butter-burgers are pretty good. Not fantastic, but they taste of better quality to me than the In and Out ones. If you added the In and Out standard toppings to them, I think they'd totally outshine In and Out.

Just my two cents.

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