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Thursday, 22 March 2007



You're definitely NOT missing a thing from eating at Coco's, delTaco or barf-bowl.


I have been known to enjoy the French fries at Del Taco, but overall I wouldn't say you're missing anything there. It's not something to be compared to *berto's, though; they are just different things.

The pie at Coco's used to be good; I think the last time I ate there was when I lived in UTC three years ago and didn't know where anything was yet.

The only thing memorable to me about Norm's is the way whatever group I was with when there would make fun of the place. The food? I don't know, I guess I must have eaten some. Couldn't tell you anything about it, though. Ah, college.


Don't do it, Kirk!


Im sure im in the minority here, but I happen to think Del Taco is pretty good. Granted, it's not fine cuisine, but it beats the pants off taco hell. The best french fries you'll ever get via drive thru!


Oh...come on! Chicken popo ;-) You gotta at least try it once.

Coco's and Carrows - I can vouch for, Blahhhhhh. It's been 8 years since I have stepped into one.

Del Taco Tuesday baby, 3 tacos for $1 make you holler! I like their vege and chicken works burritos.

Yoshinoya I love their buy one get one free coupons and their chicken teryaki bowl - the crispy skin of the chicken with the sweet-teriyaki-soy sauce. YUM

Norms, killer combo appetizer not to mention delicious onion rings.

Then again these were cheap eats during college and occasionally I swing by for some fast eats.


hey those are all my fav places!

carrows yes, cocos no, del taco yes, yoshinoya hell no!, norms yes, but not sure why i like it..

del taco is what mexican food used to taste like in California in the 70's in 80's before people realized that hard taco shells weren't really mexican food... but its decent fake mexican food if there is such a thing...

dunno why, but i prefer carrows and norms over dennys or cocos... by a landslide even..


Confession: Yoshinoya is one of my guilty pleasures. I have no idea why.. but I love their beef bowls.. loaded with the ginger on the side. I'm such a non-asian, asian woman - I have no idea what its called.. but it's the julienned ginger that I think is pickled.. yep. so there it is. out in the open.

Christine D.

LOL! I've been to all of those places. I agree with nhbilly, you've got to try them once!

Here are the things I like:
Coco's: muffins and chicken caesar sandwich.
Del Taco: chili cheese fries
Yoshinoya: I'll eat anything with teriyaki sauce.
Norms: Haven't been in a few years, but I used to go a lot when I was in elementary school. Definitely don't get anything with alfredo sauce because it's like a dash of cream, a cup of oil, and a speck of pepper.

Joseph E

Go to Norm's at 2 or 3 am. The mediocre food won't matter much at that hour.

There is a location in Costa Mesa, I believe, if you are looking for a shorter trip.


Being from IL, I've never eaten at a Del Taco or a Coco's until recently. You aren't missing much there. The food and the service at Coco's was mediocre. I tried Del Taco once and have never had the urge to go back. I had the shrimp taco.( I can say the same about In and Out burger too.)


"I can say the same about In and Out burger too"



In and Out Burger - their fries may be good, but the Biblical references on the soft drink cups and napkins freak me out a bit...


I once had a friend describe Yoshinoya thusly: "Calling Yoshinoya Japanese food is like calling McDonald's a burger joint. Technically speaking it's true, but...."

That being said, I've had Yoshinoya and I wasn't blown away, per se, but the relatively large portion size and relatively low price were appealing. The beef bowl consists of overcooked thin-sliced beef stir fried with onions over rice with a thin soy sauce-like sauce poured on. At the time I actually thought it was pretty good, but I had just moved here from an area without any good Asian restaurants at all.

If I were you, I would go in with my expectations set really low. You might be pleasantly surprised if the food is better than you expect.

You know, I might pop over there for lunch today to see how it compares to what I remember. You want I should report back on the experience?


Its been a while since I lived in Orange county, but I would

1. Skip Coco's
2. Order Deluxe Chili Cheese Fries (greasy but so delicious) and 3 tacos for a dollar (better than Taco Bell) and a cheeseburger (No, I'm not pregnant).
3. Yoshinoya is just Yoshinoya - its not really Japanese but I like it for what it is. My favorite is the beef bowl with lots of ginger.
4. Norms - I like the veggie soup and a pile of sourdough rolls to dip in the bowl. The ceasar salad is pretty good too.

Mmmm...Now my tummy is growling!


You'll need to induce amnesia somehow or be blind drunk to enjoy any of these places, but they are not the worst convenience food by any means! If you must try any, tell them to omit the sauce at either Yoshinoya (particularly bad house faux-butter/teri sce.) or Del Taco (weak salsa) and use your own.

Wandering Chopsticks

Coco's - I think I had a salad once?

Del Taco - Their cheese is super greasy. I'm more of a Taco Bell gal. But 3 tacos for $1 on Tuesday... Although I did read a newstory about how their fish taco (really a fakey fish stick) is making Rubio's and Baja Fresh worried. B/c there are people going for the low-end of fast food too you know...

Yoshinoya's - I've never been either!

Norm's - I went to the Costa Mesa one once. Around midnight. And their chicken-fried steak was yum. Crispy. Country gravy over a biscuit wasn't half-bad. But then, I like IHOP's chicken-fried steak too. :P I'm not saying it's great fare, but not half-bad for late night eats. Although, I wouldn't go if I were at the one on Valley. Too close to much better eats!


Yoshinoya is from my childhood. When I was a kid, Yoshinoya is all that we could afford for a meal out. And I still eat it to this day, not only for sentimental reasons, but I actually love the beef bowl -- I just about cover every square millimeter with togarashi.


I grew up on Del Taco so there's the whole nostagia thing. But yah, the fries, butgers, and tacos ain't too bad. We used to go to Nogle's before they were bought by Del Taco. They had really good nachos. Nogle's was more of an old school American Mexican fast food joint. Kind of neat. Del Taco got the "Macho" line of foods from them. But I think they changed their recipe and kept the name. Not much Nogle's left in Del Taco.

Do you know that the guys who started Del Taco and Taco Bell were buddies?


Gotta love them but-gers and an extra heaping helping of spell check. ;)

The Guilty Carnivore

I agree with Janfredrick on the Del Taco nostalgia thing. I like(d) their crinkle cut fries and the fact they had "del Scorcher" sauce before Taco Bell had it's "Fire".

As a young loser, I ate many a 33cent taco at Del Taco...however, one time in late 1997 when I was taking a computer programming class at the community college in downtown San Diego, I ate at Del Taco (near campus, East downtown) right before the second class. In the middle of the lecture, I felt an overwhelming onslaught of expolosive diarrhea about to wreck my world, and had to suddenly bolt up out of my seat and literally run out of class.

I was so embarrased I simply never went back and ended being dropped from the class. I have regarded Del Taco warily ever since.

In terms of Yoshinoya, when I worked in downtown San Diego every 4-5 months or so I would succumb and eat there, and every time it sucked so bad that after 3 times I gave up altogether. You're not missing anything at all.

Coco's is where dysfunctional families go to slag off last night's domestic violence episode.

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