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Sunday, 11 March 2007



hey kirk!
ooh man, there's nothing like a plate of home fries done right...I can almost taste it now!
haha, i like the Missus' take on dessert, why have one when you can have three? :)


Hey Kirk,

Can’t agree more with you on this one. Axel and Helen provide a quality brunch with a decent German sparkling wine for an extremely low price. Not sure how they profit from the brunch…maybe because the taste of brunch brings people back for lunch and dinner.

Axel and Helen always make us feel at home when we go there. They really got a handle on customer service!

I guess they were not serving lamb shanks yesterday, or else the Missus would have seized 6 or 8 bones for the boys!


Hi Kathy - And why have 3 when you can have....bread pudding! I hope you're enjoying your break!

Hi Jim - Ooooh Lamb Shanks! We'll have to head back for sure. We loved the service.......


I wish they had a brunchmaster site for OC. I likies my brunch.


Hi CP - Every city should have a Brunchmaster!

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