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Thursday, 01 March 2007


Passionate Eater

YEA! I love buy-one (or two)-get-one-free deals! And look at the Missus workin' her magic!


Hey Kirk!
What is it with all these Vietnamese places doing buy 2 get 1? I was at Banh Mi Che Cali on Valley the other day and they had buy 2 get 1 che. Then I went across the street to the new Lee's Sandwiches and they had the same deal going on! It drives me crazy, when I buy 3, I have to eat them all at once...good on the wallet, but not top friendly to the waistline! :)
still, so cheap though!

Wandering Chopsticks

I wonder if they're the same as the Thanh Son Tofu in OC? If so, I'm surprised they ran out of tofu at noon.

I go to Dong Phuong Tofu myself and they always have all the tofu products all the time. But then, they do make 20,000 blocks of tofu a day. :)


I'm also a fan of Dong Phuong Tofu in the OC. I highly recommend picking up some tofu pudding from Thanh Son (if you get there early enough!) or Dong Phuong -- it's one of my favorite desserts (mostly because it's almost entirely guilt-free)! It usually comes in a big cylindrical tub and comes in a plain or pandan flavor. The plain pudding usually comes with ginger sugar syrup to spoon over the top of the tofu and the pandan flavor comes with coconut milk. Mmm!


I'm a fan of the pandan flavor too, only because I prefer the coconut milk/sugar to the gingery kind. Plus the coconut milk has tapioca in it, so you get to eat those little eyeballs!

Kirk, what did you end up doing with the tofu blocks? We usually end up slicing them thin and frying them, and dipping in a mixture of soy sauce (or Maggi seasoning), smashing one red chili pepper in it. It's very good!


Hey Kirk, I love everything at Thanh Son Tofu. You can't get any of these specialty items anywhere else. From what I heard, Thanh Son Tofu has been around for almost 20 years. Dong Phuong's customer service isn't all that great. They're not as friendly and I don't think their products are all that great. There's more variety at Thanh Son. I really like them! And from what I understand, they also have several other chains in San Jose, Seattle, Sacramento, and Falls Church, Virginia. I would recommend them to everyone. I love eating healthy!


Fresh tofu? Mmmmmmmmmmmm... There used to be a little shop in San Jose's Japantown that sort artisan tofu made the old way. I bought tofu there all the time. It closed several years ago and I've been sad ever since.


Hi PE - Yes, the Missus works in mysterious ways.....

Hi Kathy - Ah yes, volume discounts taken to a new (waistline widening) level.

Hi WC - Well, if you're ever down here, you can find out....they speak mostly Vietnamese.

Hi Habareno - That sounds really good...I'll make sure the Missus knows for the next time we're there.

Hi KK5 - Some in a stir fry, the rest in a nice soup with mustard greens.....

Hi Juan - Thanks for the recommendation. I haven't been to Dong Phuong so I wouldn't know. As for me, I just love eating....

Hi CP - People who haven't tasted really good, fresh tofu, really haven't experienced how good tofu can be.


hi kirk, sorry, i haven't been good about blogging! i'll need to catch up on all of your past posts! yum!

this post looks really awesome! thanks for the heads up! now i know where i can get fresh tofu! (i haven't tried really fresh tofu before! except at a korean restaurant!)


Hi Annie - So nice to have you posting again, we missed you!


If you like the asian desserts called "che", you've gotta try this new place called Elan Desserts in the east San Diego area. It has all the Viet desserts like pandan tapioca and sweet rice. It just opened recently (used to be a boba shop) and it sells asian desserts like they do in Orange County.


i have a vietnamese friend and i've got to ask him to give me a taste on that tofu dessert on pandan and coco milk!


Did y'all know that Thanh Son was the one who invented the Pandan Pudding! It's a fact! I was there when they first came out like 15 years ago! Couldn't get it anywhere else, because it didn't exist elsewhere! Thanh Son Rules!!!


I ended up checking out the San Diego location just to get the Pandan Pudding and was disappointed that they didn't have it! I had to settle going to a regular market and get the Soy Life brand, but they just have the ginger syrup. The coco milk ruled! I guess I have to head to an OC Asian Market to get my fix.

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