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Sunday, 04 March 2007



Nothing like sushi can't cure ;-)
OMG look at the artichoke and the beef ribs!!!!!! To die for.

Nothing like a pig bowl of rice porridge wouldn't kick the virus in the butt, or maybe pho, bun rieu, or bun bo hue. Got to sweat the nasty bug out of your system ;-)


I just went to the Claremont farmers market this morning! Only got a half gallon of fresh apple juice - it feels like everyone isn't feeling so well this week. I hope you get better! :) maybe just one hot massive bowl of pho, extra tendon to cure the cold, cough and everything inbetween? ;)

Wandering Chopsticks

Glad you're feeling better Kirk! I know what it's like to be sick. Ugh! Drink lots of 7-Up, that's always my dad's advice when I can't keep anything down. It works!

Passionate Eater

Yes, I hope that you are feeling better soon! Get some rest and let the Missus take care of you!

Also, the pictures do speak for themselves, that is a nice rack! Of ribs that is!

I wanted to comment on your last post a while ago, but I'm glad your car was safe from those fireworks!


Hey Kirk,

We love our farmer's market. Glad you had a chance to visit. We tend to grab some crepes from the crepe guy for breakfast -- Porky's with egg is yummy...

And there are definitely more food vendors these days -- which I think is great. Even Saffron has a stand now.



Those artichokes are amazing!


I love walking up to the hillcrest market. They have a fairly nice variety of produce and great herbs and such to plant.


Hi Billy - You are so right...need to get some soon!

Hi Kathy - Pho seems to be the cure of choice, or so it seems.....

Hi WC - 7-up? Sounds like you've been to talking to my was 7-up and soda/saltine crackers!

Hi PE - LOL! Leave it to you to find the double entendre..... ;o)

Hi Gil - I did think that there were many more food vendors. The Missus is sad that CJ's isn't selling their cookies at the farmers market any longer though.

Hi Maia - I was tempted to buy a few.....

Hi Lynnea - I think you're speaking of the Asian Woman we call the "tomato lady"...we've bought tomato and other plants from Her in the past.


Gotta get me some ducky lovin'!


Hi CP - You quack me up.....

David Larson

New Hillcrest Farmers Market hours as of March 8th 2009: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

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