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Wednesday, 14 March 2007



the steamed stinky tofu is easily the best.

I remember the best i had in Taiwan was at Ding Tai Fong (the main one). And i had Ma-la tofu at this place on hacienda blvd and haliburton i think, it was a hot pot place.



Hey Kirk,

I never had the pleasure of meeting a skunk, nor have I had the pleasure of "smelling" stinky tofu. I heard that it's an acquired taste. I'd love to try it sometime.


Oh dear. I think I'm game to try it at least once ... but I'd like to do it someplace where I could run away easily if necessary. :-)


hehe, I was just in the area last week! We were at the supermarket, and my friend walked out and goes, "eww, what's coming from the dumpster?" she looks around and didn't see any dumpster. I tried to explain, but she refused to believe that tofu, or any edible food for that matter, could smell so foul! :)


Hmmmmm got to try some stinky tofu.


Hi Clayfu - It's the place right next to Malan Noodles, right? In English it's something like Boiling Chinese it's Boiling Point, Stinky-Stinky Pot....

Hi Reid - Well skunk is an unforgettable smell... As for Chou Dofu, the flavor is pretty mild considering the smell...and it's quite hard for me to get over the smell!

Hi Mizducky - Unfortunately, the Chou Dofu in San Diego, is nowhere as smelly, nor as tasty.....

Hi Kathy - You should have walked her into the little shop! ;o) And I think you've got a point...deep-dark-dank-dumpster!

Hi Billy - Bon Apetit! You'll know why I don't bat an eye when ordering Bun Mam.....

Wandering Chopsticks

I like my intestines with chili peppers and fish sauce. But I don't know if I'd order "rectum," even knowing it's the same thing. However, it does sound more appetizing than say a bowl of fried anus. :P


When I was younger, I was a huge Chou Dou Fu fan. The stinkier and spicier it was, the more I liked it. It was a real macho contest amongst my friends and I, like who could eat the hottest vindaloo or drink the most beer in one go.

As I've gotten older, I've found that my tastes have slowly shifted towards the more subtle taste of Zha Dou Fu (fried fresh tofu). The crispy texture of the fried surface and the refreshing custard within, redolant with the essence of soybeans, is what I've begun to crave. I like the Thai version the best.

Jeffrey C

Kirk, great post. I've eaten at that place,too and would agree with your wife. I didn't know Shau Mei had it or I would have ordered from there. Shau Mei does some good Bentos or takeaways, though I've had other people say there entrees weren't that good.
Remember the photo's I showed you of the Stinky Tofu vendor in Kao Hsiung who did it crispy spring roll style? That was an interesting one. The best though, is the red braised with intestines stinky tofu style.
No about the fried rectum, I believe my wife tried one but she was expecting it to be more like fried intestines much like the Szechuan style, the one she got appeared to be the actual muscle sphinctre. I wouldn't even touch it.


SKUNK? Hahah! One of my students had a skunk die under her house and she came in stinking up the entire classroom! It was pretty funny!

And yeah, never had stinky tofu myself. ;)

Passionate Eater

Wow, I could stop wincing and flinching and I read this post. When I got to the picture, I gagged a little. Unlike CP, I can't stand stinky tofu, but I didn't grow up on that stuff. I wish I was more open-minding and accepting like how you are, but I am a bigot--against stinky tofu that is.

Passionate Eater

Ooops, I meant "couldn't," not "could." And "open-minded" not "open-minding." I think I need to get some sleep now.


Hi WC - I'm not much of an intestines - kidney- liver fan, don't know why, I've just never appreciated the flavors.

Hi CP - Man you make yourself sound so very old! LOL!

Hi Jeffrey - I still remember the photos of your trip! Thanks so much for sharing them. And yes, the Missus preferred the Chou Dofu from Shau Mei.

Hi BoLA - Now why did her parents even allow her to go to school.....

Hi PE - Well, it's not that bad. But the smell of Chou Dofu is very memorable...once you smell it, you won't forget it. And get some reat(ooops rest) willya' ;o)

Andy 食神

that Choudoufu place is so stinky it's obscene! it smells just like garbage. I've always wanted to try it, but the $4 and $6 blocks of stinky tofu seem expensive... so I never have.. and then the smell just intimidates me. Stinky toufu has numerous types, some so mild you wonder if you're eating regular fried tofu and some hideous you smell it a block away.

It is by design they have the wok up front. Sometimes they open that door and wok is completely open to the air, allowing the stinkiness to waft throughout the shopping complex.

The HK plaza is already dirty enough, one can very easily see how dirty the grounds are with just a quick glance. Allowing the choudoufu stench to spread about gives the filth a 4th dimension.


funny skunk story! i know exactly how both of you feel!

i've yet to try stinky tofu. i really have to try it soon... it's a quintissential chinese dish i've yet to try!


Hi Andy - We've been there when they've had it "opened up", I don't ever think I've ever seen a fly touch the stuff. As for the environment...I just look at it as....well, ambiance!

Hi Annie - Once you smell never forget it! ;o) There are a few places that make pretty lousy Chou Dofu in San's so mild, even I eat it!

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