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Monday, 19 March 2007



Boy I sure missed out on a lot, d@mn work keeps me so busy and not enough time to read. :-(
Interesting choice of restaurants. Don't have to be in SG to get the best customer service it can be in OC ;-)


I ate here before. My memory of this place is nothing special. Most of their food is like a snack rather than a meal. I like intestine, ear , stomach and tribe ( All that is bad for you but taste so good). I agreed that their soup is too oily but I prefer the thick noodle. There is a Sushi bar that is well known to most Vietnamese name Taiko. Try that some time. It is decent. It is not Shibucho or Sushi Gen but good enough to be very busy.


What restaurant were you originally going to try?

Andy 食神

An observation… what I find interesting about your Chinese food choices is that many are northern Chinese foods, which makes sense, since your wife is from the North and you are probably influenced by your wife. At this point, some may point out and say Shandong is not the north. However, it is northern in comparison to Guangdong in the south and southerners will call the north even if they don’t speak with tongue curling “nars”.

Although I love Niuroumian, I would crave Wonton noodles over Niuroumian most of the time. It’s just a matter of being close the food we grew up with. To satisfy the tastes of southerners, there is a little restaurant on every other corner of Hong Kong that sells such. By the same token, I’d expect traveling towards the north, Niuroumian can be found on every other corner as well to satisfy slightly northern palettes.


my GF loves the beef noodle here. I actually find it a little bit spicy and not overly oily.

The thick noodles are also delicious when combined with the broth opposed to the thin noodle.

Of course none of the been noodle can compare to my grandpops =P



Ah aims ta please. Your review is also spot on. Like Ay Chung, A&J (Bun Mu Yuan) is a popular "small eats" chain from Taiwan. The food reflects its origins. If Ay Chung is the Taiwanese equivalent of Carl's Jr., then A&J is similar to Denny's. There's nothing really special, but nothing is terrible either.

I think I'll write up my A&J review next week and expand on my thoughts a little more there.

- Chubbypanda


Hey, is there a big sign near the cash register that says "Cash Only" that's red and white?

Is there a 'boardwalk' in the little complex and a fountain/pond that's squarish? I think I've been to this place.

If so, the fried bread (dunno what to call it) isn't bad.


oooh thanks for the reminder! it's been a long time since by last bowl of NRM! hehe :)
i love eating wheat gluten with jook for breakfast! though they should probably give it a different name...'wheat gluten' doesn't exactly sound appetizing...


i used to eat here quite a bit when i went to college up there. it was the first spot i tried niu rou mein and never really cared for it. i always thought the broth tasted like pepperoni which may be because of the oil. i've always liked their fried chicken (served with relish), scallion pancakes, fried beef buns, and cucumber in garlic and chili oil.

Passionate Eater

We had a water main break up here in San Francisco and the water in our entire work building was shut off. Me and my co-workers went to Chevy's a few blocks down to eat lunch and use their bathroom facilities. Well, Chevy's apparently felt the effects of the water main break too. You should have seen the riot we caused when they told us that we couldn't use their bathrooms! But, we ended up eating there anyway, but not drinking anything!


I used to eat here a lot too with my parents. This was our goto NRM place for a while. It's been a while, but I didn't remember it being overly oily, but I guess I have a high tolerance for fat :-)

At some point, we switched to a New Shanghai across the street so we could order XLB.

Kirk, now that you're visiting OC more frequently are you going to do a pho or BBH crawl in Little Saigon? I recently tried Saigon Deli/Pho Cong Ly's bun bo hue, and I thought it was great. Best BBH broth I've had (though the beef was just a bit tough).


Hi Billy - I feel your pain! Really....

Hi Beach - Sometimes the best food can be found in these little shops, but not in this case.

Hey Elmo - That post is coming up, so hang in there!

Hi Clayfu - The broth only had some heat, and just about no other flavor......Also, I konw you're a price hound - this little, itty-bitty bowl of NRM was $5.75...and you didn't complain about that?

Hi Andy - We kinda fluctuate....for Cantonese/Hong Kong style we have our favorites, and usually end up going to the same places. Also, I find that most HK type fare is really, very, very, over priced in San Diego. I grew up eating Won Ton Soup, and I'm kind of the opposite, I enjoy new tastes and flavors.

Hi Klug - Yep, you've got the location correct. Thanks for the recommendation, but I don't think we'll be going back.

Hi CP - Okay, well that explains the mediocrity.....

Hi Kathy - Funny, you're right about that wheat gluten, it just doesn't sound very appetizing...even with "Four Happiness" in front of it!

Hi Daimyo - Pepperoni? Wow, I never would have thought of that....

Hi PE - I guess floods happen.....nothing can throw a wrench into you're plans like a little disaster.

Hi Howie - You know that I enjoy a good oil content...but you shouldn't be able to feel and taste it.....


In response to the comment that Beach made:
Not sure about the sushi bar at Taiko, but if the regular food is any indication of the quality of their sushi its not worth trying. I went there for lunch a while back and had the teriyaki steak. While the portion size is huge, the quality of the meat was very poor and it lacked flavor. My GF had sukiyaki which was very mediocre as well.


we used to go to A&J alot when i lived and worked in Irvine. i love their spicy wantons.

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