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Wednesday, 21 March 2007



Very interesting Kirk. Do you think the Dry Cleaning lady is related to the owners of Pho Thahn? I ask because once i was getting a hair cut and asked my barber (who is Lebanese) what was the best Lebanese place in the area. He quickly told me of of the "best" place and even brought out a coupon. I then straight up asked him if he owned the restaurant, and he said yes! Hmmm... it makes me think twice about getting recs from random people!


I have a couple of friends who are very into the pho condiments. With every single bite, they get one squirt of sriracha and one squirt of hoisin sauce. I'm too impatient for that.


Interesting note Ted,

Nice review of the place seems to be an average place to get decent vietnamese grub. Kinda sound like Vien Dong in OC but in SD though. Bo Kho one of my favorite dish gotta have the meaty tendon or else it ain't bo kho so simple and so filling.


Those food photo looked nice and tempting...

Jonathan Linn

I'm from Portland Oregon and read your blog everyday. The menu for this restaurant looks exactly like a chain of Pho Houses we have up here called Pho Huy. They have the super bowl with meatballs and the menu is broken up in categories like "Adventurer's Choice or For Beginner's". I wonder if they are owned by the same family.


Hi Ted - I don't think so.....many restaurants came up during the conversation....but I had been to all of them except this one.....can you believe that! I kinda blew her mind, especially when I started asking about Bun Mam, and stuff like that.

Hi Howie - So how can they tell you what the broth tasted like? To each his/her own I guess!

Hi Billy - Vien Dong has it all over this place!

Hi Jonathan - Thanks for always visiting, and especially for taking the time out to comment. That's very could be. Or it could just be something they copied....maybe you can find out?


I have a menu right here in front of me, and I think the address you have posted is incorrect. The correct one is: 5296 University Ave.


Hi Alycia - Gosh, you're right! Thanks...I'll update the post when I have a minute.

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