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Thursday, 15 March 2007



Wendy's does fish sandwich too, I guess it depends on locations.
But for the combo meal it's only $5.25 lite and yummy few more weeks and lent will be over and beside it's nice to take a break from the other red and white meat.


Hey, Bill- I guess I have had this Mental Block on Wendy's ever since eating the $1 menu for more than half a year at the UM Hospital when my dad was recovering from nine brain aneurysms (he did recovery fully). I just don't go there or even look at the windows when passing by. It's good information to know, though. Thanks.


LoL I understand. I use to have Carl's Jr. during my college years everyday. The #1 no cheese please, blah.....


Dudes. The best fast food fish I've had is the Popeye's Chicken's catfish meal w/red beans & rice. Tasty!


I suggest you observe Lent by going by Sammy's tonight and yell "Omakase" in your best Kamaaina accent. Do not forget to ask for an ice cold beer to start the night with then slowly graduate to a large bottle of Kubota. Ask him to prepare a fresh pacific lobster with the head serve with soup. Your night would be pretty complete and satisfy with a plate of Bluefin sashimi.


Hi Bill. I'm glad you understand...completely.
He Shelle- I totally love the catfish at Popeye's, as well as their red beans and rice. Completely forgot about mentioning it. There are very few Popeye's around here and its kind of a special trip for me to find one. Thanks for the reminder...on a Friday. Perfect!


Dang! We just dropped by a Popeye's just for the evening. A rare treat for me since I love spicy foods.


Hi Jean-Isn't it wonderful? Sometimes I just want to eat the spicy chicken skins along with the red beans and rice. Perfectly happy!
Hey Beach- Sounds like something Kirk has probably done, many time over. But I can, too...and I think I will.

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