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Monday, 05 March 2007



I love a nice fish fry! This looks like the perfect meal to enjoy before picking up some Lipitor :-)

Joseph E

How does it compare to Point Loma Seafoods? It would be nice to have another good fried-fish option, without the crowds.



Fried food when your sick? Are you crazy? LoL - that place looks yummy, the only thing I have close to what you have is H&H Salt. Obviously there is no decision to make I would order both rings and zucchinis, why stress it ;-)


Hi Howie - Yes, eat enough of this, and you'd really need the Lipitor.....

Hi JosephE - I think the seafood at Point Loma is better, but enjoy the batter at Mr Salt's more, if that makes any sense. Also, taking into account that the area around Mr Salt's is saturated with various fast-food/chain restaurants, I think it's a bit of a nice change of pace.

Hi Billy - Crazy...yes, that might be me. I don't know about you, but when I've been sick, and am in the process of getting better, I just want carbs/fat/fried/salty foods. Of course, this could just be fallout from lack of sushi! ;o)

Passionate Eater

You should have asked for both fried zucchini AND onion rings! But given that you only had one choice, I'd say you made the right one.

... Yum. Must. Have. Onion Rings. Now.


Hi PE - You can't go wrong when both choices are pretty good....


The batter looks a little pale. I like my chippy food a little darker with a solid crunch, but I trust the seasoned taste buds of the Kirk.


Hi CP - It is pretty good, probably not a beer batter - maybe a seltzer batter.

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