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Wednesday, 07 March 2007



haha, now you're going to have me wondering alll night long: just what the heck does "farlic" flavor taste like! ;)


Boy Bawang Rules! A co-worker here returned from the Philippines and brought this back. Soo good!

Now you got me wanting to post about my "Everyday Pleasures". Hrmm...


Not a bad idea to mix wasabi peas with mix nuts, d@mn just be careful not to choke.

Captain Jack

Sweet and salty rules!

Christine D.

lol! The power of suggestion got to me too! After reading PE's post on wasabi peas, I bought 2 bags the next day and finished it within that week.

Oh man, I read "farlic" as "farTlic" at first. Dirty dirty...


OH How I LOVE Boy Bawang. I would OD on it and then get right back on it after brief respite. Beats the heck outta CornNuts.

Andy 食神

Garlic punch!

Passionate Eater

Boy Baywang Farlic Cornicks? I think we need to submit that receipt and packaging to! And that punchy garlic man is adorable! Now I know how to make Mmm-Yoso!! Trail Mix from this pictorial guide!


Hi Kathy - I'm afraid to ask.....

Hi Jup - Long time no hear! Hope all is well.

Hi Billy - Oh-oh, we'll have to add a choking hazard statement to prevent liability......

Hi CJ - Simple, and true.

Hi Christine - I read the same thing when I first looked at the receipt....

Hi Elmo - Corn Nuts doesn;t stand a chnace.....

Hi Andy - LOL!

Hi PE - Well, it all started with your everyday pleasures posts.....


we just got some of those boy bawang garlic corn nuts from a family friend! not bad i say


Hi Reynila - It was strange...the version we bought at the market here, tasted a bit different from the one's we received.


LOL Farlic!!
Boy Bawang rox.
Gives ya some major breath for the rest of the day, though! ;)


Hi April - You're right, have to check the social calendar before breaking into the Boy Bawang!


where do u buy your garlic boy bawang? my dad brought back a package of one hundred from the philippines and i killed it in a day. i need a refill? where do i get more boy bawang?!?!


Hi Jack - Depending on where you live...Seafood City in National City, Lucky Seafood & Vinh Hung in Mira Mesa, and I've also seen Boy Bawang at Fil-Am Kitchenette off of Mesa College.

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