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Tuesday, 27 March 2007



hum i looked at that as i was driving by today for dinner. INstead my friend wanted to go to Meng trang.

guess what? close at 6:30 haha.

i think i'll go to this place for lunch soon

Christine D.

We've been having the same kind of weather up here, which is perfect for noodle soups!

Did your chopsticks drop into your bowl in the last picture? Kinda looks like it.


Mr. and Mrs. You are so wrong! Cannot believe that you could even think that the whole meal was bad. We have been eating at oe's since they opened. Joe, the owner, and his wife Kim have dedicated their lives to making this business a success! One of them is always in the shop and continually watching what is being made. Their pizzas are wonderful - try the artichoke adventure.

Joe and Kim have turned this into a fun place - music, TV and TV games - it is a family restaurant.

We for sure will be back.



Are you reading the same thing we are reading?


Too bad that won ton soup didn't taste as good as it looks. It made me quite hungry.


i hear the chicken wings there are so good! (i have no idea what sara is reading)

The Guilty Carnivore

I think this location was the first place I had Vietnamese food at in San Diego back in 1996. [nostalgic tear in my eye]


Hi Clayfu - Hey man, what's with you and Mien Trung.... This place is pretty cheap, and unlike what a lot of restaurants do these days, they don't charge for tea.

Hi Christine - You know, I had the silly notion of placing my chopsticks in the bowl to add some color and contrast to the photo, without realizing that it would look like I threw them into the soup!

Hi Sara - I'm sorry, I have no idea what you are writing about...

Hi Beach - Hmmmm.....I chose the wrong day to quit taking my medication????

Hi Sher - It's not bad for under 5 bucks.....

Hi GC - Wow, I'm sorry, it's sad to see places that hold memories for you disappear.


Oh, I think Sarah is writing about my blogging about "Eat at Joe's- if you dare"...Joe has some mighty strong proponents out there, who are privately writing me some nasty e-mails, but all I know is I got a bad meal and I blogged about it. With photos.


Sorry- the blogging was done on February 19 this year- I can't link it via this comment area. -C


Hi Cathy - Ok, I follow.....of course with TV and games...who needs great food, right? ;o)


Owners have moved to the bay area. It is now a Thai restaurant. R.I.P. LV Noodle Shop. I will miss their fried rice.

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