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Monday, 12 March 2007



Hey Kirk,

Haven't commented in a while but still read everyday. I was due for a comment though after this excellent and fascinating post. I had a mental image of Huell Howser going through the market and learning about everything. It's so interesting seeing where our food comes from and I hope you do similar posts in the future.



very exciting! good to see you got the chance to go along =)

now if only you can go to the LA fish market and take pictures!


What a learning experience I wish I was on this little field trip, beautiful pictures of the tuna - looks so heavenly ;-)
I feel like sushi tonight ;-)

Wandering Chopsticks

Echoing everyone else's comments. Wow! That's all I can say. Just wow.

BTW, the same carbon monoxide to color the fish also happens to meat. And the grocery stores insist it's needed or else consumers will think the meat isn't fresh if it's not red.


Hi Ted - Thanks! It's nice to know you still drop by. Huell Howser? Talk about a compliment, I really enjoy ol' Huell...though the Missus thinks he's annoying.

Hi Clayfu - You're talking about International Marine? I've been there - cool place.

Hi Billy - I know, I still owe you one....I'll let you know when I'll be able to do it! I promise.

Hi WC - Wow? Not really - I thought your Little Saigon virtual tour was wow. This was just a little excursion...maybe I'll do a few more of Uni Un-confidential.... At least meat has a formal "grading system", sushi grade fish does not. The very slippery slope that artificially coloring any meat allows for is abuse.


And Kirk, I assume you know that some of the best sources of uni are just off the Santa Barbara shores where I am...


Hi ED - Yes, I know - Santa Barbara Uni is very well known, as is San Diego. I wish there was a way to objectively taste test both live Uni.


Hey Kirk!
Thanks so much for this post! it must have been a pretty exciting adventure - like going on a secret expedition, hehe. I learned a lot...and now my dad is reading it over my shoulder! :)



Thanks for the post it was interesting and I learned something new! I hope one of these years I will be able to have dinner with you and the Missus at Sammy's! :)


I wish I could join you at this fish "market". It would have been a treat. Very interesting fact.


Hey Kirk,

Nice post. Everytime you talk about Sammy's I think of the live Uni. Mmmm [mouth-watering]. Let me know the next San Diego get together at Sammy's.


Kirk mind asking why the fish aren't bled to prevent blood clotting. I would assume less wasting of the fish would occur. Then again it could be a disadvantage to the seller, < weight = < $ ???


This is your best post yet. I was riveted from start to finish.


Hey Kirk,

Is it ok to tell me where this fish market is? and do they sell stuff to an individual person?



Kirk. I feel weak in the knees!!!! Looking at that is my idea of heaven, being a tuna junkie. Well done!


Hey, Kirk. Long time no see. I'll be at Sammy's tonight for dinner - will check out the maguro you've featured above!


Hi Kathy - Shouldn't you and your Dad be eating!!!! ;o)

Hi Mills - Now that would be a heck of a dinner!

Hi Beach - You can always check out International Marine - that's a really cool place. Gotta go early though. Who knows you might even bump into Hiro Urasawa!

Hi Rob - Will do!

Hi Billy - I think the fish are sometimes bled before flash freezing - it's the flash freezing that preserves the fish. I rerad somewhere that a large fish can have up to a pound or more of blood. The bottom line is; preserving the fish after it has been defrosted once.

Hi CP - Thanks, coming from you that means alot!

Hi Tae - No's or own Catalina Offshore, via the back entrance. I've ordered fish from COF several times and have always been pleased with the quality. I know there's a minimum order - something like $25. Here's the website:

It's located down off of Morena Blvd - don't forget some Uni with your order!

Hi Sher - Hopefully I'll get back to IMP again one about tuna heaven.

Hi Stella - Hey, how are you? I hope you have a great time at Sammy' bad I missed you, I was just there on Saturday!

Passionate Eater

Wow, I feel like I just watched an episode of Inside Edition, but about getting quality sashimi-grade fish! And NOBODY would ever get tired of talking to you. I think he wanted to teach you and give you an insider's perspective to his favorite customer! Great post Kirk-San!

Wandering Chopsticks

Hey Kirk,

Well, whether its the front end of sushi or community history, the great thing is we learn from each other. Anything that serves to enhance the dining experience gets bonus points in my book.


Kirk, what a great article! It's fascinating to hear about things from an insider's perspective.

Do you know how much those chunks of tuna go for? I imagine you'd have to buy quite a bit to get a volume discount.

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