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Friday, 02 March 2007


Wandering Chopsticks

Nice write-up Kirk. It was great meeting you too!

Had dinner at my youngest aunt's house tonight and the conversation centered around different techniques for cooking various foods. I swear that's not all that Asians talk about, but it is very central. :)


man i haven't been to that shopping center in years! i used to play one of those games where you insert a quarter and you hit a gumball with a pinball bumper and try to hit a homerun.

and i used to play streetfighter 2 back when it first came out there (that's a longgggggggggggggg time ago)


you pictures bring back so many memories! i used to go to that same shopping center with my grandma and aunt alllll the time. man, now i feel really old, hehe :)


You may have to pay me some residual royal fee for taking my picture at the Asian Garden mall and post them. I am that smaller middle guy among three bigger Amigos. They used my likeness all over Little Saigon very freely. I will have to ask for some royal fee. LOL

Captain Jack

Hey Kirk,

Wow, that sounds like it was a blast. I am glad you had such a good time.




How can I get you to do some reviews of places in between OC and SD proper? N. SD County is ripe country for food blogging!

Great post as always.

BTW I noticed in a comment you left that you have eaten at Super Cocina...will you ever do a posting?

What would you say is the ratio of places you try to those that become actual posts on the site?

Best Regards!


Hi WC - Yes, so much centers around food....

Hi Clayfu - Glad I could bring back some memories....

Hi Kathy - Now, now you young pup!

Hi Beach - Actually you need to pay me for the free advertising! ;o)

Hi CJ - Yes, a great group of people. CP kept asking about meeting you!

Hi Kare Raisu - You know it's a funny thing....once we're on the 5 North we usually just keep going. We need to eat in the North Couty more. Yes, I've eaten at Super Cocina a few times, but it's been a before I even started blogging, which has been less than two years, you have to remember, I'd been participating in CH since 2001. Think of this as my food diary...though I don't post on most of the revisits, and of course if I forget my camera, or the situation dictated no photo-ops, or if I'm just not interested in doing a post, or if I get food poisoning, or..... Oh, and one more could always start a food blog.


Great meeting you Kirk! Finally. Whenever we met before, us OC bloggers would talk about you as the Uber-food-blogger, and always wondered when we would be able to meet you. I'm glad that day finally came. Hope we can do it again soon.

Captain Jack


I am flattered.


Andy 美國土子

oh yeah.. the "3 statues" of the Asian Gardens Mall!


Hi Elmo - The pleasur was mine, I had a blast.

Hi Andy - You recognize them in a second....


It was really great meeting you, Kirk. We need to do it again soon.

Tell your wife that adding "panda" to any name makes it "ultimate". =)


Hi CP - Hope you're feeling better - it was a blast! Anything with Panda, huh? Like Panda Express? LOL!

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