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Sunday, 25 March 2007



kirk! you can't go to a bar and have non microbrews! that's very un-sandiego-in of you!

The Office Goat

They have Heineken but not San Miguel?


This place is goin' on my growing list in the glovebox. Next time I'm in SD, I'm getting that sisig!


Hi Clayfu - LOL! Tell that to my Bud Light....

Hi ToG - Nope no San Miguel. I had been told that they served San Miguel Dark....but I guess not anymore.

Hi Elmo - That Sisig was pretty good, the Kaldereta was very good. Make sure to drop me a line when you visit!


That looks like a great place. I am always feeling very envious when I see the restaurants available to you. Great, yummy pictures!


Hi Sher - I just wish I was as good a cook as you!


bud light: please go away and make room for the premium brews. =P


That looks good but there is one thing I hate in restaurants/bar - Karaoke.

Passionate Eater

Hmm, I wonder if that "lounge lizard" is related to me, because I love singing the BeeGees! And sorry I've been so quiet lately Kirk, but I've been voraciously reading Mmm-Yoso!! as I always do!


Awww! Da boyz got haircuts!

I miss my favorite pub back up in NorCal as well.


Wow this looks great! I haven't tried a lot of filipino food yet -- I should probably try some soon!


Cool! I've just started exploring the Filipino eats in National City, so maybe I'll go scope this joint out sometime.


Hi Clayfu - I've just decided to change your name from Clay-frou-frou! LOL!

Hi Honkman - Then I'm sure Manila Tokyo is out as well....

Hi PE - Nice to hear from you! ;o) Another BeeGee Karaoke singer, eh????

Hi CP - You are one observant Panda, let me tell you that much! I guess my problem is I miss my favorite in plural...

Hi Annie - You'll have many choices in National City!

Hi Mizducky - There are quite a few good, and quite a few not-so-good places for Filipino Food in National City, but you won't be short of choices.


Hey Kirk!
I've lived in Hawaii my whole life and just realized I've never had Filipino food before! You've just reminded me of how much good food I am missing out on (...and to pay side street a visit when I come for summer :)


Hi Kathy - You must have had lumpia and pancit, right? As for Side Street, you may run into Alan Wong there...I've seen him there a few times!


Hi Kirk! I echo the ? -- WHAT!? No San Mig???

Hey, we'll be in San Diego the 16th through the 19th (doing mostly kids stuff like Legoland), so I'm going through your listings here and having the kids decide where they want to eat!


Hi Stef - Let me know if I can be of any assistance!

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