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Wednesday, 28 March 2007



when i'm feeling like i need to eat "healthy" and alot, i go here.

that salad is pretty decent. And really pouring on the reviews eh kirk?


Geesh only time to read no time to replying....thanks for the entertainment and senses teaser.



Hey, I go to Sensai more often than I'd like to admit - the cashier knows us and asks for the missing family member if we don't all go together. I like that it's "healthy" (okay, I order the tempera plate, so it's not healthy, but it does come with two salads - you don't get anything green at Rubios/Baha Fresh/In-n-out) and my 2 year old likes to eat rice. I agree the chicken isn't good, but I've had good experiences with the tempera, the salads, and some of the roll sushi. Not wonderful, but good for the Fast Casual type resturant.


Oh yeah, Hazard Center, and that entire end of Mission Valley, is such a culinary wasteland. But at least you didn't wind up at Crapplebee's like I did once with a bunch of folks grabbing a quick meal before a movie. Urk. Personally, I'd call the Joe's Crab Shack the least objectionable of the chains in that shopping center, though all the ersatz nautical decor makes me want to turn tail and "run away!" like the Monty Python knights. Who dreams up these joints, anyway?

Joseph E

DiningDiva has defended King's Fish House in the past as a better place in that part of Mission Valley. Have you ever eaten there? Not as cheap, for sure, and still a chain.

Captain Jack

I think King's is pretty good. Jeez Kirk, you are a posting monster. I am having a hard time keeping up.


Ahhh, I LOVE Baby Star noodles! When I'm desperate and don't have any, I just crush of a bag of ramen and toss with the seasonings...but it looks like your mom had that great idea long before! :)


I don't eat at many chains, but I actually really enjoy SanSai Grill. I always get the same thing -- the salmon bowl with brown rice and an 'Oriental salad.' Okay, so it's not authentic Japanese, but the salmon's always perfectly done (not too dry!) and the short-grain brown rice is delicious. And you can't really mess up 'Oriental salad.' (I still haven't figured out why Chinese chicken salad aka Oriental salad is called Chinese/Oriental -- it's definitely not a Chinese dish!)


Sansai's tempura kinda blows, and I've never bothered with the bowls. But their spicy sashimi salad is good, and most of the sushi rolls are decent...

Passionate Eater

WHOA, that a whole lotta "embellishment!" And did Ron get the trophy? I hope he thanked you when he won!


Oh how I love those Baby Star crispy noodles. I picked a bag up on a whim a few months ago and have been addicted to it since.


Hi Clayfu - I'm not quite sure about the healthy statement - but you can get brown rice. I'm taking a few days off since it looks like I'm burning you all out!

Hi Billy - Take it easy...hope things get a bit better for you soon!

Hi Caroline - I agree, not too bad for a fast casual restaurant.

Hi mizducky - Mission Valley has just about every chain restaurant imaginable....hmmm, sounds like a post in the making!

Hi Joseph - I've never had a "full meal" at King's, but have enjoyed the oysters and some appetizers there. Not cheap by any means...and yes, not all "chains" are bad things(i.e Oceanaire).

Hi CJ - Well, I'll take a few days off so everyone can catch up!

Hi Kathy - You've never had Sumi was a pretty popular "local" thing...but maybe before your time. Hmmm, just the mention of Baby Star Noodles will make me scrambling for a bag!

Hi Habereno - Well, you have to be eating healthy with all of that training your doing.

Hi Vicki - I thought the tempura was good for fast-foodish tempura. The fish at SanSai scares me.

Hi PE - Ron's movie did well at film festival, we ate at Trophy's during the evening...cause Ron has some "connections", and I made Ron eat a whole plate of onion rings......

Hi Elmo - That stuff is addictive....try using it as salad topping!

jeff c

Kirk, that Baby Star pic is so funny. My wife loves that stuff and says it reminds her of her childhood. I almost made the mistake of pouring hot water on it to make noodles.


Hi Jeff - Hope all is well! Yeah, you don't want to be messing up your Wife's snacks....I don;t think it'll hold up too well under hot water.

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