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Saturday, 17 March 2007


Joseph E

Thanks for the update, Kirk. I've got to try some of those dishes.

How did the Missus like the eel noodle soup? Is it named that because of the noodles, or because the eel is cut into noodle-sized slices?

It's interesting how American restaurants have only now rediscovered the wonders of slow-cooked pork belly... yum!


That looks interesting Kirk. Hubby is headed down that way, and I'll be sure to give him the address before he leaves me this week. :(


that's too bad about the niu rou chuan. i tried it last week and from the pictures it looks like you got stiffed on the meat. i definitely enjoyed it more than you. better luck next time.


Those pictures are fabulous!!! Even if all of the dishes didn't meet your expectations--they sure look good to me!


Hi Joseph - I think it's because there's thinly sliced eel and noodles in the soup. Pork Belly is good moderation!

Hi Jean - Shoot me an email if you or the Hubby has any questions!

Hi Daimyo - Since it seems like every Northern Chinese restaurant in the SGV has Niu Rou Chuan on the menu...we kinda thought it would just be a matter of time. The Niu Rou Chuan here was on the oily-greasy side.

Hi Sher - Thanks so much...I'm still trying to figure out how to take some halfway decent photos.


Nice to hear that Ba Ren is still rocking. And that pork belly from Golden City looks fabulous. Pork belly rules! :-D

Captain Jack

Man Kirk,
I want to back to all three restaurants again after seeing your post. It will be fun to order off the seasonal specials placard at Ba Ren. The server's expression is priceless.


Hi Mizducky - Ditto that one....pork belly rules!!!

Hi CJ - You want to pull that ol' trick on 'em again, huh? I'm thinking I should mix the numbers up on purpose so you'll end up with frog with bamboo pith fungus, but I can't deal with the guilt! ;o)


We went to Ba Ren this past weekend with my mother-in-law. The women who's always working there remembered me and I've only been there twice before and haven't been for months! Anyway...I can't thank you enough for turning us onto the place. It's truly our favorite restaurant. Last time we tried their smoked duck and while it was a bit too salty for me, the flavor was excellent. Otherwise our favorites are some of the ones in your previous posts. Now that I'm cooking a lot of Sichuan food at home it's not seeming spicy to me anymore. I wish we had seen this post before we went. Guess that means we'll have to go again soon!


Hi Kady - The folks at Ba Ren very nice. I'm glad you enjoy it there, I'm also glad that you are finding time to get out a bit!


pictures of food is never boring!! shanghai city looks like they have some pretty interesting stuff i never had before... emerald is not bad... just kind of pricey for the quality of food they offer!



I cruised over to Golden City today and had the steamed pork w/ preserved vegetables. Even that picture you have posted doesn't do it justice; I was impressed with how much there was as well! It was not the greatest pork belly I've ever had, but it's pretty good for $7 and 15 minutes of waiting. I only ate half of it before pork fat guilt set in, so I've got half of it waiting in the refrigerator for me to eat at dinner. This motivates me to make some Dong Po Rou of my own one of these days!


Hi Annie - Yes, we do pay the San Diego premium for many things here....

Hi Fred - That portion size was a surprise....especially for under $7! Luckily, I had my camera with me!

Andy 食神

oh... that eel noodle soup looks like that popular stirfried eel thread dish, but on top of noodles!


Shanghai City can be a little inconsistent, but we've eaten well there many times. There are a number of excellent dishes that you didn't mention, including the green onion cakes, the pork with dry bean curd (tofu), sizzling beef or shrimp, and many more. There's no restaurant in San Diego closer to real northern-style Chinese food. The staff are all friendly. I just wish they'd update the decor!


Hi Don - Some of the dishes at Shanghai City are pretty good - they are unfortunately, as you did note - inconsistent. Northern Cuisine over-simplifies what Shanghai City serves. As Shanghainese food(part of the amended 10 great traditions of Chinese cuisines) is concerned - you should try Chin's Sat-Sunday Chinese "breakfast". As for Jiaozi (Shandong - even farther "North" than Shanghai), I'd take Dumpling Inn's version over SC any day of the week. I don't think you've read my other posts on Shanghai City.....the Red Cooked Pork "Pump" is good though!

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