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Wednesday, 21 February 2007



Hey Vicky - I've just gotten orders from Sammy and Frankie to march on down to Tip Top and get the "Femur".......


Tip Top *was* my little secret, Vicky...It tastes like home to me and The Mister. We used to go there when the Prime Rib meal was $ it still served only on Friday and Saturday nights? We love it here.


Hi Kirk!
Hahaha... isn't the femur bone just nuts!? I used to work at Williams Sonoma and they didn't even have a pot big enough to fit that in!

Hi Cathy! Wow! Prime rib for under 5!? And I was thinking 9.98 was awesome! =P Its served from 4:30-8 Friday/Sat/Sun. :) Sorry for spilling your secret!


Oh My meat heaven I wish it was closer to me. Now regarding the beef bones. Got Pho?



My boyfriend is German, and I love going into Tip Top and getting him all sorts of German goodies that you can't find easily.. knoedel, hanuta, etc etc. I haven't had a chance to eat there yet, but it looks like it's a great deal!


When I worked in Vista, this was a regular lunch spot for us. Great eats! I still head up there when I need sausage or specialty meats.

Speaking of which, is there anything comparable meat market-wise further South?


Bill - Mmmmm I love pho... It's usually on my list of lunch haunts since I work in Sorrento Mesa. Our fav pho place is Pho HoaCali Express on Black Mountain/Mira Mesa.

Maia - Ooooh! Have you guys been to Kaiserhof in Point Loma?? Their German food is AMAZING!!

Janfrederick - Siesel's in Bay Park is pretty good for something not as far, I really like the bacon they smoke there. They're more of a meat market and don't have the European deli attached. You can try Bristol Farms in UTC, when I need a good steak and I don't want to drive far I'll swing by there. Bristol also dry ages their steaks which makes is OH SO GOOOOD! If you're closer to Mission Valley, there is Iowa Meats on Mission Gorge and they're a good butcher shop also. Hope that helps!


i don't like tip top meats. it's dark and creepy. but the deli behind it makes amazing, fresh homemade soups and pasta dishes. it's takeout food only, but there's a line around the block at lunch time. i can't recall the name, but you should check it out.


Wow. The sandwiches from Tip Top are, like, HUGE and the meat is quality. I've never even considered going in next door..but, that could be a post for compare the two..and their sandwiches.


Thanks for giving Tip Top some love. My co-workers and I work at the airport down the street and get tip top every wed. we f'n love it. When we used to stick class in high school, tip top was the spot to go for breakfast. dont forget about breakfast, its just as good.


Davivid - Are you talking about the little produce market adjacent to Tip Top?

Mario - I love breakfast at Tip Top! They have some awesome combos and deals.


The butcher shop in tip top is retail. The beef at tip top is dry aged. Very few places have dry aged beef. It is an art and it is the reason your prime rib tasted so good. I liked your review but you missed some important aspects of tip top.


Hi seant!

I asked the butcher how they aged their meat and they said it was wet aged. The only places I could find dry aged around SD was at Whole Foods and Bristol. I think Siesel's had dry aged a couple random times depending on their availability. I personally like Bristol Farm's dry aged meat better compared to Whole Foods. Hm... I'll ask about the aging again next time I'm there.


I was at tip top for lunch today and had the fabulous (sp)Rostbratel. I went two days in a row. mmmm mmmm good. Dry aged, always.


Hi seant,

I finally figured out the discrepency in this aging discussion. I contacted Tip Top after your first comment and their butcher told me that only select cuts are dry aged. The rest are wet aged. The dry aged ones are only aged 13 days which isn't enough to really make that big of a difference from what I remember at culinary school. Whole foods and Bristol do 30+ days (at least 20 are needed fully develop flavor). Nevertheless I still love Tip Top!

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