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Sunday, 25 February 2007


Jeffrey C

Kirk, love the new people helping you bear the burden of making this blog so excellent. Just saw your cooking skills and wanted to ask if you ever had a hot pot party. We just did one recently and it was great. Got beer, a nice German pilsner and a great cold sake unfiltered which was a little sweet. It fit the flavor profile that our guests liked. Couldn't find the one you recommended so I'll keep a look out. You should maybe do a little blurb on pairing wines or alcohol beverages on different meals. Also we got invited to a friend's house for dinner of the rice paper rolls. Grill what you want and wrap it up with nice lettuce and coriander and rice noodles and dip in rich peanut hoisin sauce. Yumm yumm.
Anyways, keep up the great work Kirk and colleagues.


Thanks, Jeffrey! Sounds like a fun get together.


WOW!!! This looks absolutely delicious! Great job!!! Now if only I can get MS to make me some of this... LOL!

By the way, I like to stock up on Kurosawa when they go on sale at the local Mitsuwa. ;)

The Guilty Carnivore

Absolutely fabulous. There's just something about simmering an egg in pork juices and fat, eh?


Hi Reid - Luckily, I made a rather small amount so I'd have 2 pieces for lunch over a few days. The Missus loved all those eggs and daikon.

Hi Jeffrey - We have purchased the hot pot "base" from Ba Ren, and purchased sliced lamb and beef from Zion market, along with various veggies and ingredients and had our own Hot Pot, sure is great during those cooler evenings. Yes, Cathy and Vicky, do such a great job, and O'm so grateful to have them helping me out!

Hi Kristy - Ah yes, Kurosawa, good stuff. You may want ot try the Yaegaki, it's not quite as sweet, but has a bit of fruitiness to it..

Hi GC - You are so right! That daikon is really great. As for the egg, the Missus loves it so much...that I don't really have shot at 'em.


This looks EXACTLY like a Vietnamese dish my mom makes, though I've never seen the tenderizing with daikon step. Instead, she just coats the meat with carmelized sugar and then braises the pork belly in a mixture of coconut juice and fish sauce. After adding the eggs and simmering, she serves it with rice and daikon/carrot pickles. One of my favorite comfort food dishes.


Why wish to have a bottle of Kubota at home? Come to my house and we will drink one each.


Hi Habereno - Sounds delici-yoso!!! So much pork little time!

Hi Beach - You'll need to find me a place to nap afterwards....LOL!

Da Cook

Hello Kirk
I found your blog on my quest to make perfect Buta No Kakuni at home. I was trying to recreate a dish I had In Vancouver, BC and by doing so my mind was blown away by the complexity of the subject.
Kare Raisu's contribution to that fabulous ChowHound Post really got me going.
I started my own chronicling of my adventure making the dish. I'm on day 2 right now.
It's a work in progress and the best part will be seeing the difference between my intended recipe and the finished version due to more thought, info and opinions offered along the way.
Thanks for the insight.
Da Cook


Hi Da Cook - Wow, I'll say you're one obsessed cook! I'l be following along......


hi kirk! i'm in the middle of making morimoto's version of buta no kakuni--8 hours of simmering! eight hours of refrigeration then a second simmer with the flavours. argggh. just thought i would look around to see if it's "normal" but i guess it's not uncommon. at least it's not 12 hours!


Hi Santos - Not uncommon at all....I've done a 12 hour simmering........sheesh. I'm excited to see how it turns out.

[eatingclub] vancouver

Delicious. I can imagine this as pork transcended.

In our household, we sometimes call it an "adobo." My mother makes a Chinese version of it, which is closer to what you have, and we kids make a Filipino version, with different seasoning. (We have the Filipino pork belly up on our blog, and we also did a Southeast-Asian-y version in that post, "Pork Belly, Two Ways.")

Thanks for sharing this. We'll have to try this version when we get pork belly.


Hi ECV - Whether you call it Dong Po Rou or Buta Kakuni or Humba or's just plain good! Hard to go wrong with braised pork belly......

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