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Tuesday, 06 February 2007



Geesh this place reminds me of Shakey's pizza, but of course Scootz Eatz sounds way better...

wandering chopsticks

Cathy, What's broasted? Broiled/roasted?


WC- Broasting is a method of pressure frying using equipment and ingredients provided by the Broaster Company of Beloit, Wisconsin...available only to Food Services/Institutional customers. The final chicken piece is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside...less greasy than a regular fried chicken. Its a patented, faster method of frying...with excellent results. Sorry for not explaining.


Now, Bill-no no no ...its much better/higher quality than Shakey's, although I can do a comparison... I think there may be some Pat and Oscar's up where you live...the breadsticks and Greek salad are similar, but really this is better. Scootz also has sandwiches on the menu.


Shakey's by no means was good...
Now Pat and Oscar's bread stick and salad is good just not sure about the other stuff, but I have to admit there service is always up there.


Oh, OK, glad we understand each other. This is Pat and Oscar good (and its a toss up with the chicken- sometimes I love P&O's lemon herb roasted and then there is broasted...). There seems to be a resurgence of Shakey's down here;I have seen coupons...JoJo fries are my only good memory from Shakey's.


Now I need to find a place that haves authentic broasted chicken in OC.


Right. They can't callit "Broasted" if they aren't using an Offical machine from teh Broaster Company. I know The Colonel patented His own method when he started out, so as not to have to buy 'real' Broasters, and the Original Recipe style is cooked in a simlar manner, but with, you know, those secret herbs and spices. Broaster chicken is 'plainer' in a sense... mainly skins with light flavor..oh but you can give me a plate of fried chicken skins to munch on any time.

Andy 食神

just FYI, Pollo Campero (the south american fried chicken chain) uses this broasting technique too. They have a couple stores in LA area.


Thanks, Andy. That should help the people who live "way up north" of here to find out what I mean by Broasting...

Captain Jack

Hey Cathy,

Shakey's lunch buffet was pretty tasty when I went with my mom when I was 8. Of course I thought art class paste tasted good too.


Ooooh...I still have cravings for Art Paste, CJ. There have been an unusual number of Shakey's coupons around lately, though. I think I have an idea for a post, subliminally suggested by Bill and CJ...


Thank you for your visit to SCOOTZ The Restaurant and most importantly for your detailed description of the service and quality of food you received! It's this very kind of community effort that I am try to foster, that SCOOTZ may provide exactly the kinds of foods and services that our guests crave (and deserve). I am hoping you will return soon and look forward to your other ventures to great eatz!


Oh, Scoot, we have been back; you just don't know its The Mister and I, which is how we want it to treat everyone so well and serve, really, the best quality food. Its so much more fun being anonymous. I have told many people about your place, in fact, two people in the last hour...really! The Mister and I will be kind of 'regulars' there this summer...


was at the Lowes in Santee and recalled your post about this place. Had a good pulled pork sandwich (could have been smokier) and some of those excellent chips. The sliders were very tasty as well. Glad you had mentioned the place.


That's exactly why I blog, james. Thanks so much for trying Scootz and commenting. Much better food than some of the chain stuff you could have, back to doing that project you are working on!

Scott & Shelley

We love this place and have been several times! Love the salads, rolls, lasagne and the fun people who work there. What a great find in Santee...we tell everyone we know about them. (On our second visit they remembered my husband's name and will turn the channel and adjust the colume if you want to watch Padres games too)


Welcome, Scott & Shelley! Glad you like Scootz, too. I seem to like everything at Scootz and have tried just about the entire menu. They are very nice, community oriented, owners who also serve good food. Word of mouth is the best advertising.

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