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Friday, 09 February 2007



Now if i could only find someone to go with me..... hum.

Captain Jack

Hey Kirk,

Thanks for the tip. I plan to head over first thing in the morning and hit some of those food stands.


Hi Clayfu - I went solo....if you go early enough and it's not too crowded, it's pretty relaxing.

Hi CJ - Hope you enjoy yourself. Everybody was really friendly.

Passionate Eater

I love your "festival" posts! And as for the lady who just spontaneously started talking to you, I tend to notice that people are generally very friendly towards you. Remember the Korean restaurant waitress offering her advice on the goat stew, and the studly waiter at the Brazilian restaurant? See what I mean? People are drawn to the force of Mmm-Yoso!!!

Christine D.

Wow, that is one CLEAN Tet festival. Well, I guess because it's the first day. The festival in Orange County starts a week later so come check it out if you're in the neighborhood!


$5 Dollar admission? WTF!
When I was a kid its always been free admission, even here in OC - maybe things has changed?.
Papaya salad looks good I think the best thing on the salad is the deep fried crispy liver and that special tangy sauce they put on that compliments everything.

Off Topic:

F.Y.I - During TET buddist temple has a open door policy - maybe it has always been? I guess to welcome in the New Year. You should swing by and taste the vegetarian food they cook up for the mass of people that comes. I go along with my in-law, more like I drive them all over LA area temples including a pit stop at the China town temple. Oh and they great appreciate donation.

Vien Dong

Regarding you sweet yam and shrimp picture what happen to the rest of it? LOL I order that and it was mound high. $5.50

Bun rieu meat was to loose for my taste then my wife likes anything noodle period. $5.50

Bun Cha Hanoi was skimpy on the meat patties but the pork belly was plentiful not to grisly. $5.50

Overall for under $20.oo bucks it's a deal.


Hi PE - LOL! I don't know what it is...but sometimes people just start talking to me......

Hi Christine - Thanks for the info...we may try to make it.

Hi Billy - Even the OC festival costs $5....... As for Vien Dong, I think the Missus would agree with you on the meat in the Bun Rieu...she likes those patties. I thought we got alot of Banh Tom, we couldn't finish the thing. BTW, I overheard the customer in front of me talking to an older gentleman when I was paying our bill, he was saying that some prices were going up a bit. I guess that's why the Bun Rieu is now $5.50? It's still alot of food for the $$$.


I'm glad you posted about the festival or else I would not have known. I may try it tomorrow. I hate going alone, but I'll brave it to try Vietnamese food! I hope you post about other festivals (like any Thai or Lao ones). Btw keep up the great work you do with this blog.


hi kirk
thanks for the "preview"! we plan on going tomorrow. we went last year and were impressed with how well it was organized. the cultural village was cool too. and of course, the abundance of good food. i think i'll try that beef papaya salad (but will have to pick out the livers)!


Hey Kirk!
My parents just went to a Tet dinner celebration tonight! Don't think there are enough Vietnamese people here in Claremont to put on a festival, but I would attend if it were an option! :)


Damn. Was too busy to visit the blogosphere the past couple of days, so I missed the festival despite your best efforts, Kirk.

Have you any experience with the New Year's festival put on by the San Diego Chinese Center in the Gaslamp? Any good eating to be had there?


Hi Souchinda - There is a Cambodian New Year festival that's usually held at Colina Del Sol Community Park during the April-May time period.

Unfortunately there's no Songkran Festival in San Diego proper, but I heard that the Vista Thai Temple has maybe I'll try to check it out this year. If you did make it to the Tet Festival I hope you enjoyed yourself.

Hi Reynila - I hope you enjoyed the festival if you were able to make it.

Hi Kathy - You can always try to get someone with a car for this upcoming weekends Tet Festival in Westminster.

Hi Mizducky - I think you'd have enjoyed this one, it's quite large, and there were a ton of food booths.


hi kirk
yes,we were able to make the tet festival - in the rain. thanks for posting in my blog (pink candles). the food was great!


Hi Reynila -Well shame on you for not letting me know! ;o) I've been lurking for a while now, I enjoy the various lists of songs that you provide - I haven't heard some of them in years, and some of them bring back nice memories. I'll make sure to create a link......

SDTET Festival Volunteer

Hi all,

Thanks for commenting on the SD Tet Festival foods. The staff worked really hard this year to keep the place clean and to bring in better food vendors.

This year, I was too busy helping out at the festival that I totally didn't get a chance to try the food booths when they were opened. We volunteers also got free food, which is sponsored by Va.n Hoa` Restaurant (on 54th and University) so we didn't have to buy from the vendors...even though some of them gave us free food for helping out.

Next year, I'll definitely take time out from volunteering to taste more of the food!

Chuc Mung Nam Moi, ya'll!

Happy New Year



We've moved to Balboa Park for 2008! Come check it out! :)

Feb 8, 9, 10

Happy New Year!


Hi Frank - I noticed the change of venue on the banner at Vien Dong the other night. I'll try to make it again this year.....I'm hoping the food will be even better than last year!

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