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Monday, 12 February 2007



Those pics of Sammy and Frankie just make you want to go "awwww" over and over again! They look as if they're about to speak!
Your photos of Vietnamese food have got me all excited for when my dad comes next week! I don't think we'll be headed for San Diego, but will get our fix in San Gabriel! :)
Who could ever get tired of Vietnamese? hehe :)


Geesh I have been having the same stuff you guys are having for the last couple of days...Bun Cha Ha Noi and Bun Rieu - something very wrong without the stink but atleast it came with a small blood congee and big patty. Mmmm I need to get me come fixen of thit la lot...




I had the insane urge to cuddle Sammy, and Frankie! They are so cute! :)

I don't want to even talk about the food I haven't had breakfast yet! :P~


hey kirk,
i really like thien thanh. my wife ordered a soup she didn't like at all, but i think it wasn't their cooking as much as her dislike of the flavor of too much bamboo shoots. she loves vietnamese beef stew, though, and thien thanh's looks great! we also went to saigon this past weekend and decided that we don't ever really have to return. the food is blah, the wait too long, and the service bad. i'm going to have to try da nang next!


Hi All,
I was surprised and amused by Saigon's new "Caveat Emptor" policy. There must be a story behind that!

Andy 食神

with those 300 items on the menu, how many of those are just various of combinations of pho, com, and bun?

from all your posts, San Diego vietnamese seems to kick the the butt of San Gabriel Valley vietnamese food. Too much pho up here!


hey kirk,

looks like those really are different pho pics and not using the same ones over again... the curry one looks pretty good...

i'm just glad you're not in pho fever denial anymore... its gotten much better now, you're now at a 3 to 1, Pho to other food ratio, instead of the 1 to 1 ratio when it was full blown and outta control...

moderation in life, moderation with pho...


Hi Kathy - I'm sure you and your Dad will have a blast....he should take you through Westminster and Garden Grove one day!

Hi Billy - Like I always say...great minds think(and eat) alike! ;o)

Hi Mills - Okay, we won't talk about food! LOL! Don't know about cuddling Frankie right now...he needs a bath......

Hi Dave - Yes, Saigon can be a major zoo, they do a pretty good job on a few things, but most people are there to eat seafood and the Vietnamese style Chinese Food. They do give pretty generous portions as well. I think alot of the dishes at Saigon are on the "tame" side...though the Missus likes the Bun Rieu there, so I have to find something to eat!

Hi Trent - There are a few things on the menu that include blood, and other stuff that I'm sure would make the uninitiated blanch, so perhaps there are more than a few "stories" behind that change in policy.

Hi Andy - Yes, there's the "3 cubed" theory going...3 items times 3, times three... I don't think I've ever had anything other than Pho in the SGV. Funny thing, I rarely have Pho in Westminster, GG, and Buena Park.

Hi DCCF - Ha! That's what you think...I took my Pho photos to Turner Network Labs and had them colorized...just like the Wizard of Oz! LOL! Does the Moderation rule go with Taquitos, too???

Passionate Eater

I think you need to give Frankie and Sammy multiple treats for being so well-behaved in those pictures! And when I say treats, I mean hugs the Mmm-Yoso!! way and a few bites of Chinese sausage spring rolls!


i really need to go to Mien Trung!!!
dangit, its so close it just never seems to work out for me.

and i'm intimidated when its completely empty =P


Hey, is your white doggy a schnoodle? Because we have one too...


Hi PE - LOL! Well behaved????

Hi Clayfu - You are kidding, aren't you? You who check out midnight taco trucks...can't possibly be intimidated by a little Mom and Pop Vietnamese restaurant?

Hi Baxterita - Actually, Sammy, the Black dog is a schnoodle...actually a schnoodle badly in need of a haircut right now. The white dog Frankie is a Schnauzer-Bichon mix...Schnauzon??? Schnoodles are great aren't they?


you know those taco trucks confuse the living daylights out of me. They can barely speak english, i can barely (not) speak spanish.

one time the guy gave me twice the change back but no tacos! haha


Hi Clayfu - At least it was correct change, right? ;o)


We like all the same dishes. You have mose of my Vietnamese favorites up there. Mmmm... Bun cha Hanoi...

Your dogs are adorable. If I didn't have cats, I'd get me some of that cuddly action.


Hi CP - Yes Bun Cha Hanoi is delici-yoso!!!


Ahhhh ... lovely lovely Vietnames food ...

That policy notice at Saigon cracks me up--especially since I remember the very first time I ordered bun bo Hue there, and the waiter cautiously asked me if I'd ever had it before -- translation: "Lady, you sure you know what you're getting into with that stuff?" Now the waitstaff has me so typecast as the bun bo Hue lady that I have to speak up quickly to make sure the waiter doesn't automatically bring me "the usual"!


Hi Mizducky - Well, I'll call you the Bun Bo Hue lady from now on....

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