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Wednesday, 28 February 2007



Very educational post there, Cathy! I'm a practicing Catholic, and have partaken of the $1 Filet O' Fish friday except that my local McDonald's raised the price this year to $1.29!! I also made a write-up on the meaning of ash wednesday 5 years ago on my website, here

Here's hoping your Lenten season is going well! It's no meat day again tomorrow.


Ah, the economics of raising the minimum wage has hit all of us, KK5. I kind of crave Filet-o-Fish and so now that it is less expensive, I eat more...along with, starting today, Shamrock Shakes! I do so love Lent. Your post was very informative. Thanks for writing in.


Hi Cathy! It's interesting on how all these fast food places are offering fish just to try to maintain their cash flow. Thanks for the education on the paczek! Even though I'm not Catholic, I gave up aggressive driving and fast food. I think I'm good on the fast food, but we'll see how long my "driving like an angel" lasts.... =P


I went to Catholic grade school, and I remember each Lent that we would get fish sticks on Fridays. I actually liked it better than the food they normally served so it was like an anti-sacrifice for me. :-)


Hi Vicy- I was so stuck in traffic yesterday, aggressive driving was not an option...along with my pretty much giving up any thoughts of speeding when my arm was in a cast to my shoulder late last year (having a manual transmission and cast on is not conducive to rapid shifting)...oh, but no fast isn't a matter of taste, but more of convenience at this point in the year for me...
and, Howie...I do understand having cravings for fish sticks and those 'rare' foods we get to eat mostly only during Lent. Almost have to sacrifice something else other than food it seems.


I've been meaning to get to Mary's for a donut - I've heard they are the best! Do they do a good glazed marble twist?

KFC is even in the fish sandwich business? I remember McDonalds was a guilty pleasure even as recently as 3 or 4 years ago. I hardly ever have fast food anymore though. I have been searching out for some deep fried fish fries!


Raised glazed donuts and twists are good here, no marbled ones though...unfilled raised sticks with chocolate glaze on top may be as close as you can get if you want both flavors, Scott...The Mister and I just passed Mary's within the last 30 minutes and the parking was very crowded. As a hint- since they are open 24/7 and Sunday morning is probably the busiest time of the week for them, going in *late* Saturday night or even in the wee hours of Sunday will get you the freshest, hottest donuts. As for KFC, they started teh $1 fish sandwiches last year for Lent and actually had them on the menu all year, staying at the price point. They are smaller sandwiches, but quite good, and are not chicken-y flavored at all. Friday Fish Fry...must make notes...

j smith

as a transplanted michigander, i googled "paczki san diego," in the wild hope i could find a place to get them out here and stumbled upon your blog.

I am intrigued and look forward to visiting and following your site in the future.


Welcome to our fine City/County/State and blog, j! I got my pancki/jelly donut at Mary's Donuts in Santee late last night. It was an unusually long day for me. I have a bag of Better Made's in the back seat of my car right now. I'll be posting more soon.

Eddie Lin

Hilarious post, Cathy! I learned something and I giggled. Thank you! Happy Paczki Day!


Hi Eddie. I'll be posting on this year's pancki -and Lent- soon. Welcome to our blog.

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