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Sunday, 11 February 2007



Well at least they got the description of the food correctly on the menu but their delivery seem to be a really big miss. WTF - no gravy/sauce on 2 dishes is pretty bad when that's what makes the meal slide down easily if you don't plan to chew ;-)

Another miss for you...sorry!


oh no, that is the most depressing looking loco moco in the world. ever! what an awful representation of local hawaiian food.
at least you had katsu sauce in the fridge. thank god :)


I'm a big fan of pork fat. A healthy lau lau seems like a contradiction in terms :-)


Bummer. Thanks for taking another hit for the team, man. You deserve a much better loco moco after that travesty they served you. How forlorn it looks in your photo! :-D



How disappointing. I had a great loco moco for breakfast the other day. I'm sure you would have loved it!


yeah, one lau lau I bought (in Hawaii) didn't have the meat much less the cube of fatty pork. Only taro leaves, which I attributed to the newly hired help.

Captain Jack

I never met a Loco Moco I didn't like....until now. That runny mac salad from the second visit looks terrible. With all the competition these days, that place won't last.


I think I ate at that location once, when it was a Japanese restaurant. If it's the one I'm thinking of, I was the only one there that day and I was pretty unimpressed with the food and prices. As my dad would say, some restaurant locations just have bad fung shui!

Christine D.

Wow, that second macaroni salad is straight-up supermarket deli style. Bummer...


Hi Billy - Well, I keep trying, you never know....

Hi Kathy - You've just described that loco moco to a tee......depressing!

Hi Howie - Yes, you're right....healthy and Lau Lau really shouldn't be in the same sentence!

Hi Reid - I'm so very jealous!

Hi RONW - Now that is got steamed luau leaves? Bummer....

Hi CJ - Well there are no other plate lunch places in the area...hey, maybe we should open one up? he-he-he That mac salad with the loco moco was terrible.

Hi Fred - Yeah, it was called Yakimono....several people I know liked it...but I went once and never went back.

Hi Christine - That mac salad was really bad....


oh my! no gravy on a loco moco is sacreligious!


you're right about the L&L knockoffs... used to get excited when i saw a new hawaiian place popped up, but now you kinda already know what's gonna be on the menu... yawn... i think "hawaiian" just replaced "teriyaki" in the whole marketing scheme of things...


Hi Pam - Oui Oui! Sacre-bleu!!!

Hi DCCF - I know exactly what you mean....the menu's are all the same, and unfortunately so is the food.

Passionate Eater

To get a loco moco without gravy is like getting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without peanut butter OR jelly! It is like a day without sunlight, a book without words, a rainbow without colors... It is like life, without life!

(You are probably thinking, "Shut the heck up PE!")


Hi PE - "It is like life, without life!" LOL! You are right, though....


I used to work at the Japanese restaurant, Yakimono, that used to be there. I just saw last night when I was driving by that it was gone. I was pretty sad about it...I worked there for three years. But I'm eager to try the new place out...I hear that they are popping up here in North County too (I live in San Marcos now).


I just ate there for the first time today. There are a few indications that I should have noticed earlier to let me know this wasn't a good place to eat. First of all, my boyfriend and I walk in to find the workers the only people sitting in the customer table area. Second, it was lunchtime and there was no indication that anyone had been there before me (ie. napkin on the table or a piece of rice on the tables). Third, one of the workers came back with food for everyone else from SOMEWHERE else, meaning it wasn't even good enough to eat there. Anyway, we ordered BBQ beef saimin, spam musubi, and kahlua pork. It was terrible! I felt like I was an old person who lost their sense of taste. There was no flavor to the food and I even doused it with soy sauce. I'm never going back!


Hi Ama - I've noticed that there is almost never anyone in the restaurant when I walk or drive past. Doesn't bode well......

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