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Saturday, 17 February 2007


Miss Vicky

Happy New Years! :) The nian gao looks awesome!


Happy New Year! What a beautiful cake! Almost too pretty to eat...


haha Kirk, i was at the Fair today.

i even took a picture with the fat pig.
Cops/health inspectors were also trying to shut down one of the vendors, it was quite interesting. Someone complained they got stomach pains after eating at one of them.

Darn it, if i make a post about it people will just think

"why clayfu, why do you always copy kirk =P"


to add:
we were so close yet so far from each other kirk, it just wasn't meant to be /tear


i was with clayfu today and it was quite funny to have policemen on the phone saying that they were going to shut down all the food stands. it was very hot today.

wandering chopsticks

Happy New Year Kirk and the Missus!


Happy New Year to you and the Missus, Kirk! (making a mental note to cook some pork dish in honor of the Golden Piggie ... :-) )


Wow, the nian gao looks too preety to eat, ohh..I bought one of those sponge cakes too, not bad. Hey Kirk, & Mrs., wishing you all a wonderful, prosperous CNY :))Where's my red envelope ? *grins*
Best Wishes,


Hi Kirk,

Gong xi fa cai! Xin nian kuai le!

Hope you and the missus have a prosperous year of the pig!

Ben and Suanne

Gung Hei Fatt Choy, Kirk!


Hi Miss Vicky - Happy New Year...again!!! ;o)

Hi Howie - Hope you're having a fun and restful time.

Hi Clayfu - So far, yet so near...we'll have to meet up one of these days!

Hi Nick - Welcome and thanks for commenting! We got off the 60 West and saw that it was 91 degrees! Good thing I wore short sleeves. It was rather warm...breeding ground for who know what!

Hi WC - Hope you're feeling better.

Hi MW - Got your Red Envelope here...coming to pick it up? LOL! Happy New Year!

Hi Reid - Same back at ya!

Hi Ben and Suanne - Xin Nian Kuai Le!


Xing Nian Kuai Le!


Hi CP - Happy New Year, to you too!


Hi Kirk - Happy New Year to you. I think we all need to eat more pork this year!

Passionate Eater

Little ones will be born this year? I hope that means "Sammy" and "Frankie" are going to be parents and not me. My mom is giving me enough pressure already, and now I'll have to deal with this!

Happy Chinese New Year's to you, the Missus, the Boyz, and Cathy and Vicky too!


Thanks, PE!

Captain Jack

Hey All,

I was born in the year of the pig. Woo Hoo!


Hi PE - Happy Chinese New Year! LOL!

Hey CJ - I guess this means you need to "go for it"! This is your year!


btw, I believe it happens every 600 yrs, not every 60 yrs.


Hi MiHee - I did have it as 600 years in the beginning, but had a few emails telling me that it was 60 instead of am not quite sute any more.

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