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Tuesday, 20 February 2007


Wandering Chopsticks

Pillowy! That's the perfect description for bread. I just use light and airy.

I just made fries and burgers the other night too. We must be on the same eating wavelength.


The grey meat scared me.



I feel like having some fries now...and it's after midnight!


Sounds like an average joint. When I go for BBQ I go all out for the pork and beef. Chicken just never really appeal to me as good BBQ meat or maybe I never had any that was worth my chewing effort since its always dry and tough. The burger looks good. I think I need to stop by Fuddruckers.

side note.

Was in the Valley with the inlaws and went to the Swining Door BBQ
The brisket and the ribs was so so smokey yummy, nice smooth, soft, and tender but the chicken was terrible. Oh and the price was so so so so reasonable. FYI - do not let them drench your meat with the sauce do it yourself.



That burger looks scrumptious. But I slather on that 1000 island like it was going out of fashion!

Captain Jack

Oh god, just the mention of Philippes makes me swoon, and get weak in the knees.


Yeah, Baby Back Jack's used to be Heidi's. I agree that the food is decent, but nothing spectacular. We live two blocks from there, but have only been once. I might have to try the burgers, though--the one in your picture looks the way I like 'em.


Kirk thanks for the review. We walk by that place often and have wondered. Having Phil's nearby, it makes it an easy choice to just stay with the old standby for bbq in our area.

And the mention of Philippes made my mouth water. Whenever I have a hearing in LA, I swing by there for a sandwich. Yummy.


Hi Kirk - sorry that it wasn't the broasted chicken you were looking for. I should have checked it out before I mentioned it but now you've saved me a trip there!


Hi, Kirk,

Good update on Jack's! All-in-all I think it's not a bad place to go for a BBQ fix.

I got the small ribs for about $8. They were nice and moist, but I remember thinking that the flavor didn't seem to penetrate into the meat. (Maybe more dry rub, or seasoning would have helped?)

I liked the fries a lot, and I usually don't like thicker-cut fries much. They were crisp, well-seasoned, and fluffy inside. And they gave me a *ton*.

I'd go back. Kirk's picture of the burger has me jonesing :-)

The Guilty Carnivore

Somehow, the words "beef dip" doesn't really do much for me.

Is Taste of Thai in Hillcrest still there? When I lived there in 1996-98 that portion of Hillcrest was the nexus of the gourmet wrap fad...something like 3 wrap places all chintzily and gimmickally named all within a 1/4 mile square radius, the existence of which firmly tested the paradoxical laws of the universe.


Hi WC - I dunno how that word popped into my head....I was kinda tired???

Hi CP - It does look kinda well, it soylent grey?

Hi Reid - Good fries are good fries any time of the day!!!!

Hi Billy - Yep, hit and miss. Still those fries were pretty good.

Hi Elmo - Slather away then!

Hi CJ - Ah yes, the infamous "Philippe's swoon" gotta watch or you may just tip over!

Hi Erin - The burger's not bad. That BBQ sauce was kinda funny though.

Hi Gil - Philippes has that effect on many. Just the thought of Philippes sends my salivary glands into high gear.

Hi Candice - I would've probably checked them out anyway.

Hi Howie - The Gal that works there was really nice as well. Those fries are good.

Hi GC - Taste of Thai is still in Hillcrest. Wraps are still kinda "fad-dy", but not quite as much.


Ah! You bet me to this!! And it's in my neighborhood.

Great review and I think I can wait on visiting.


Hi Darlene - Yes the food is not really outstanding, though it isn't bad...I do like those fries.

wishing for more

the pork sandwich was stringy and couldnt cut the sandwich in half with a steak knife.

the french fries were ice cold and not crispy at all. i did take it home(5min) but i ended up throwing away half of them.

the onion rings were a total joke. there were two whole rings and some bits and pieces that totaled maybe one more ring and the whole thing was a single glob which had to be pulled apart to eat.

all in all i am going to go ask for my money back!!


Had the Full rack @ Jack's with coleslaw and a side of fries. Everything was wonderful and hot! Just remember.. get extra napkins, juicy saucy and wonderful!!

This is a must try eatery, very retro 50"s & 60's. FUN!!!

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