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Monday, 05 February 2007



dude...I was going to reply Vermont Garden but it seem so odd. LOL


oh man, dolsot bibimbap is one my favorite korean dishes ever! the best part is when the rice gets all crusty...then i like to pour gochujang all over (hehe, watch my sodium level rise!) Seoul Garden (on kapiolani) is the first place i'm going to when i get back from spring break! :)
...don't think any of the korean restaurants in hawaii carry goat stew?...


I used to go have the lunch buffet every couple of weeks or so, before I decided to eat less! The lunch buffet isn't bad; compared to buffet food it's actually pretty good. They have all the panchan out there as dishes, so if you like their panchan you can get as much as you want. I occasionally eat there when I feel like I could use more spinich, bean sprouts, and kimchi in my diet.


i haven't been here in forever. I've been going to BUga for korean BBQ the last few months cause my friend's like it so much.

if this is cheaper and more food then goodness i'm there! (i just really like rice paper and salad =P)

the food looks quite tasty

Captain Jack

Wow, the hukyumsoo sounds great. I have to give it a try. Are black goats different in flavor from other color goats?


Wow, that's quite a feast. I've been meaning to try that goat stew for a while.

PS Thanks for the coffee, Kirk!!!


Hi Billy - I don't know what the deal was with those chopsticks.....

Hi Kathy - I think it may be an "off-menu" item at certain restaurants. Of course I'm hoping to get to Koreatown to get some Black Goat one of these days.

Hi Fred - Sounds good. I went to the buffet when the restaurant was under previous ownership, and other then the panchan, everything else was pretty bad. BTW, did you know that the lady that owned Arirang is well known in San Diego for Her panchan? She sells it to Zion Market, and even has a shop that specializes in panchan.

Hi clayfu - For BBQ quality wise Buga is better...but I think that the Bone Soup and some other items are quite good at Arirang. Hey, maybe you'll get the Budae Chigae!

Hi CJ - Just as people believe that Black Chicken is special, or even Black remember the Kurobuta(literally Black Pig) Kakuni at Haru Ulala, right? People believe that black goat is not only more tasty, but has special health benefits.

Hi Howie - Try it out's quite good, and relatively inexpensive compared to other places.


Hi Kirk, I'm glad you (mostly) enjoyed it! I'd hate to send you somewhere that was no good...

I really don't know much about Korean food, so I guess I'll just have to educate myself at various restaurants around town.

It's a hard life, but I think somehow I'll survive. :)


It is sad to hear that you didn't like that dakgalbi. That is my favourite food.

I don't think I want to eat at Korean restaurants outside of Korea, because in general the food doesn't taste as nice as it could be.


Good god man! That was a superpost if ever there was one. I am always amazed at how much you know about food. Most of those things I'm seeing for the first time. Great post as always.


BWaaAAAAaa - this is SO WRONG!!

Some people lurk around the web for adult materials but me...I surf your blog and drool uncontrollably.

I WISH I could find AND EAT food like that!!

Lemme know if you have recommendations for the Vegas area. I'm not brave enough to venture out on my own.

wandering chopsticks

Darn you Kirk! I should know better than to go to your blog when I'm sick and can't eat anything but rice porridge. That bone soup looks awesome. I've never had that before.


I woke up and told myself to eat reasonably today and not go crazy eating for fun--and then I read your post! Now I'm sooo hungry. Some of those pictures will haunt me all day long! :):) Loved the Dolsot Bibimbap and the goat stew. Sigh.



Ah, if you thought the buffet food (other than the panchan) was bad before the ownership change, then there's not much point in going back. The buffet hasn't changed noticably since the change in ownership.

I did not know that about the lady owner of Ariang. Do you happen to know where her shop might be? I would defintely be interested in buying quantities of panchan; I'm sure it would be great at potlucks and for normal eating! Mmm!



The sullantang, and dolsot looks really good, but I am salivating at the huk yumsoo...Yum...

Passionate Eater

Cute server story! Why she didn't volunteer (or recommend) any Korean dish that is healthy for males too? And with all of those greens on the goat stew, it sure does look healthy!


Cool! Looks like I'll have to pay a visit to Arirang again myself. Pity that the lunch buffet hasn't improved. I may still get it sometime anyway, simply because I'm a sucker for a buffet. :-) But then again, that dolsot bibimbap is also calling to me ...


Hi Jenne - Half the fun is exploring. The Black Goat Stew was good. Thanks for the recommendation.

Hi Sue - I'll get to Koreatown in LA one of these days, talk about really good Korean food!

Hi Elmo - Thanks....I try to find out at least a bit about what I'm eating.....and I've got a great group of resources......

Hello Daly - Congrats on the new job! I'm sure there must be some good Korean Food in Vegas. I'll let you know what I find out!

Hi WC - Oh man, the Sullung Tang would just be the perfect remedy. I hope you're feeling better soon!

Hi Sher - The Missus really enjoyed the Dolsot Bibimbap....Now you know how we all feel after reading your blog! ;o)

Hi Fred - We went today for lunch, I think it's a bit better than it least they had those potatoes I love...rice and potatoes, talk about a carb load. I don't remember the name of the place, but it's right next to Korean Hometown Restaurant. I'll pay a visit soon with one of my Korean friends....I've been told they have some really good stuff!

Hi Mills - Howszit! Hope all is well. Finally, decent Black Goat Stew.....

Hi PE - You know, you're always one step ahead...I shoulda asked, but I think we were already kinda embarassed....

Hi Mizducky - Selected menu items have sure improved since my previous visits.....


I've never posted here before, but my I love the blog. You've pointed us to quite a few great places like Ba Ren (which I'd have never found in a million years)...

I'm wondering if anybody can point me to a local source for goat meat for a dinner party we are going to have very soon. Anyone?



Hi Alex. 99Ranch has goat, next to the black chickens in the meat counter. Vien Dong II and III have goat in the counter, too. Also most Mexican markets sell goat.

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