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Sunday, 28 January 2007



Yes indeed, you had an interesting "vacation". You shoulda come here! ;o)

Captain Jack

Hi Kirk,

What an ordeal at the airport. Like you said though, good thing the figured out the plane was screwed before you took off. Did the Da' Kine's guy say why the PB branch closed? I always loved their macaroni salad.


Awww, I'm sorry it didn't work out Kirk. Maybe just not meant to be? But at least I'm glad you had a really good dinner - you certaintly deserved it! :)


sorry to hear about your ordeal! one time my girlfriend and i had a 9 hour flight back from NY due to strong winds, then we drove from LA to SD right after. Bleh.

wandering chopsticks

Oh no! So that's what happened. :(

But man, the sushi dinner would have put me in a good mood.



Too bad about the vacation. I love Seattle and would have been extremely disappointed.

ed (from Yuma)

That beats (in a bad way) any airport story I have.

Sushi looks good though.

Better luck next time!


Sorry you guys had to go through that. I thik Airline service is get worse and worse. They lost Pan's luggage when she and Maya came back from Japan. Customer service tried to spin it that it was our fault. Sheesh. Sushi looks good. Will have to give them a try.


That sucks big time...
You didn't blog the airport food ;-)
Sushi looks so good, can't wait for some fishy.

Andy 食神

sorry to hear about your ordeal but there was no vex at all! No harm intended. Honest!

At least their was a good meal at the end of the day. Which airline did you fly. Did u get your luggage back? it seems almost if no-one on their plane got their luggage back =(


Hi Jo - Yeah, we shoulda......

Hi CJ - No they didn't mention why, other than "It was a sudden kind of thing..." So I really didn't want to pry. You'll be able to get some of their mac salad in Point Loma soon!

Hi Kathy - Yes, all was well after than sushi!

Hi Clayfu - Double bleh!

Hi WC - Nothing like some good sushi to put one in the right frame of mind.

Hi Reid - It was just not meant to be. We love Seattle too, but we'll get there sometime this year.

Hi Ed - I'm sure everything will be better next time.

Hi Rob - Happy New Year...give this place a try, it's very low key, and the selection small, but there's some really good fish.

Hi Billy - Too tired to take photos of airport food, yogurt and fruit basically. Can't wait for more good sushi.... ;o)

Hi Andy - The airline was Alaska, and we've flown them many times. We did get our luggage back, had to wait a while for it. Your comment cracked me up....made us think, "hmmmm, so Andy's the one who did this?" LOL!


:-( That stinks! At least you had a nice meal at the end of the day.

I just Anthony Bourdain's episode on Seattle, and I really want to go. I guess Mario Batali's dad opened up a salami store, and people say it's incredible.

Which restaurants were you planning on trying out there?


Hi Howie - We had resos at Nishino, and Monsoon, planned on a lunch at Seven Stars Pepper.....all this will have to wait, I guess.......

Passionate Eater

I was going to ask you what airline it was, but I just read over your comments and discovered that it was Alaska. Sometimes, you gotta really raise a stink to get your money back. Do you think that they would give you travel vouchers to compensate for all the time and effort and expense that they put you through? What you had to go through really was atrocious, and I think it all falls directly on Alaska's head.


Hi PE - They'll be receiving a "letter", so we'll see what happens......


Oh, Kirk, what a total bummer! Major sympathies on both the airport purgatory and missing out on Seattle. But you dined well, which is always a damn fine revenge. And as you say, you'll get to Seattle again eventually. (Probably sooner than me, too!)

A thought for that next time: have you gone to Bai Tong, right outside the entrance to SeaTac Airport? I've found that dinner there can take the sting out of dealing with SeaTac:


Oh man. Sorry to hear about all that. Hope you get something out of the letter you guys are sending.


Can I read a "Maybe next time we will!" in there? ;o)


Hi Mizducky - Looks good.....funny thing is, we usually don't drive when visiting Seattle, we've found the mass transit system to be excellent!

Hi Elmo - I won't hold my breath....

Hi Jo - Sure......


Have you heard if Chef Tony has found his new location yet and reopened yet? Or when he might reopen. I am SO dying for a chicken schwarma!!!!
Thanks, Lindy

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