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Tuesday, 09 January 2007



Perfect just when the weather is getting cold again, Yummm Clam chowder I need to make myself a batch. So easy to make I wonder why they charge and arm and a leg just for a cup of it.


Its easy for you to make one bowl for yourself, Billy...but Anthonys serves more than one million customers over five million pounds of fish a year...and there are costs associated, besides high end supplies (the Boston clam chowder uses real cream),suppliers and shipping, spoilage, costs of runnung the restaurant itself, taxes and trying to have a little profit...well, it is a business. Sorry...I'm in rare form today.


No harm taken...sometime you just forget what really goes into a big pot. :-)


It is an excellent clam chowder...and 45¢ more than the New York Style one...cream versus tomatoes...


I actually like my clam chowder light on the cream. Too much coats the tongue with fat and makes me less able to taste the clams. I think most restaurant clam chowders are so salty because they need to compensate for the palate deadening power of fat.

- Chubbypanda


Hi CP- The Anthony's family has teh ratio correct. This New England Style Chowder has the proper proportions and is not salty. You can taste the clams, the juice, the celery and the potatoes. I have had many chowders in my life, and The Mister was raised in the Boston area and has had a tad more experience with chowder. He does like it from Anthony's. I do usually add some pepper and a few oyster crackers, after I have had about half of the bowl 'straight'.

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