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Monday, 22 January 2007



Hey Kirk!
I can't even remember the last time I had kimchee fried rice. Now all of a sudden I'm craving for a loco moco with kimchee fried rice instead of steamed :)


interesting! only 7~ for fresh grilled beef? i may have to venture on over there in the Nearrrr future.

Since hanging out with my Caucasians friends i've had less and less chances to eat asian food =P


There is a Japanese BBQ right around the corner from Ango Tei its good but the ROI at a KBBQ joint is >r.
But it seems like lunch was a bargain for you. LoL I was recently in Korean town LA and pigged out at Madaongsae Korean BBQ. Cheap eats but quality of meat is ok barely in panchan if any at all. Overall I ate the whole cow that night I think...


We just went to Suzuya last week for dinner and had their Special A and two friends got the shabu shabu. The beef we had for grilling was very tasty and very tender and I liked the vegetables that came with it. You're right, no smelling like grilled meat later -although, we were the only table that night. The standard dipping sauces are okay, but we had to ask for the sesame oil/salt and the ponzu, so make sure you ask if you go again!

The shabu shabu came with so much food it was amazing! I definitely want to go back to try that. That also came with very tasty dipping sauces - one was like a creamy sesame? I am always on the lookout for good shabu shabu, ever since we found our favorite in Las Vegas - Swish.


Hey Kirk! I love juicy inside info!!! :) Thanks for sharing! Makes for an interesting read and go! I'll be sure to check this one out next time in SD!


So, I'm looking at the photographs and not reading at all...and I recognize a meal I had...with you! How cool....oh I have no life.....


The kimchee fried rice looks great, as do the grilled items. And for < $8, seems like a great deal!

Kirk, do you have a favorite place for kimchee fried rice? I've actually never tried it before.


That's an interesting back story and soap opera behind Suzuya. I've got to try Tsuruhashi down in OC. Perhaps we can try it when you come up!

Passionate Eater

Very cool that one post covers what both Cathy AND Kirk ate! It is like getting a two-for-one!


Hi Kathy - Good kimchi fried rice......mmm-yoso!!!

Hi Clayfu - Yep for 7 bucks it's pretty cheap for cook your own. That's just the lunch price, though.

Hi Billy - Well what can I say AYCE......means a very full belly!

Hi Leanne - I was wondering how your meal turned out! Happy B-Day! Sounds like the Shabu Shabu might be worthwhile...and here I had my doubts!

Hi Kristy - Yes, the juicy back story! Well seems like soon they'll be 2 Yakiniku restaurant in the it'll be interesting.

Hi Cathy - Well, you did recognize the meal. So even if you have no life, you've got a good memory! ;o)

Hi Howie - Try Korean Hometown:

Still not as good as I've had "back home" but this baby was pretty good...that would be salty nad spicy!

Hi Elmo - I'm at your mercy...whatever you decide is fine with me!

Hi PE - Wow, never thought of it that way...we should charge double, eh???? You are so observant!


I've been to Tsuruhashi in Fountain Valley, and if it's a new branch opening then you are very lucky! We absolutely enjoyed all of the prime beef that they serve there, and $12 picthers of Sapporo on draft works out well too.

If you do come up to OC soon, let's all hit up Tsuruhashi so you can compare!


Hi KK5 - I'm looking forward to Tsuruhashi opening. It seems like in the last few months we've had a good number of Japanese Restaurants opening in San Diego, which makes me very happy! Now, I'm just waiting for Santouka!!!!


This has nothing to do with the food at the restaurant.. but the son of the owners of the restaurant just got arrested for stealing Grand Theft Auto from game stop.

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