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Wednesday, 03 January 2007




happy happy! my already thick blood thanks you for the chili fries watch!

so hard to find anywhere that makes egg foo young let alone a good one... its a dying food item, might even become extinct soon i'm thinking...

i'm hungry... sounds good...

hey kirk i think this is the longest you've gone without doing a pho review in a long time... aahahahaha... saw the frings pic!! good job man!! the onion ring gods are smiling upon you!!


Oh boy it would be great just to find a hole in the wall that cook decent chinese food and cheap too boot would be Grrreat too.


Hi DCCF! Always trying to add variety to this little blog. I always thought egg foo young was kind of just leftovers anyhow. Its ,ade so well here!
This little hole in the wall has been here quite a while, Billy...and its just perfect-food, prices, close to the beach...

Captain Jack

Hi Cathy,
How bout that egg foo yung eh? I normally won't even eat that stuff, but I love it at Super Wok! Glad you finally got around to trying them out. I usually eat at one of those three little tables.


Thanks for letting me blog about a place in your neighborhood, Jack. We hadn't tried the egg fu young (their spelling; just like chop sewy) before and now its all I am ordering. It's a great deal on fresh made food. The daily specials from 11 to 3 are an even better deal....oh but those eggs...
Maybe I'll see you in there one day and we can have lunch!


Please get the Seseme Chicken, I am from the best chinese food capitol in the world! This dish is the best ever, YUM!


#15 Lunch Special, got it. Thanks for letting me know, and for stopping by to comment, D!


My daughter is friends with the daughter's owner, so I decided to give the place a try. The food is excellent I can't stop going into the place. Their orange peel chicken is to die for not to mention their fried shrimp.



Hi, Ruby- and Welcome! I love it here...a very hidden gem. I think we will be down that way this weekend...sounds like lunch for me!


hey i know this place. my friend lives right by here, and the last time i came down, both of us wanted to check it out as we walked by, but we ended up going to ba ren instead. nice write up! hurray for american chinese food!


Do stop in next time, Sawyer. It is good.

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