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Wednesday, 24 January 2007



Well... did you and the misses get try a foot massage or what? You peaked my interest!


I'm beginning to think that the sole time you did find XLB with the proper soup ratio was a freak occurrence and that it's just not the preferred method of preparation! Just kidding. Good luck on your endless quest for XLB with soup.


Kirk, is JJ on the side of Ranch 99 market? I have been there not to bad if I recalled - I thought it was pretty cheap eat. Side note Q noodle is right next door to Burger King. I think they make some interesting noodle especially the wonton and regular dumpling soup. Anyways my wife loves the noodles Q.


It's hard looking at these beautiful Xiao Long Bao when you can't get them in SD :-(

About the foot massage, maybe eating all that crab and pork causes a predisposition towards gout, which can be prevented with reflexology? $15/hr seems like a good deal!


Mmmm..xiao long bao followed by a foot massage. Sounds like a perfect day! You have to try a massage sometime - it feels like they spend 10 min per toe!


you know...
a foot massage parlor isn't just for foot massages *wink*


Hi Ted - No, we never got a foo massage...we were just amazed at how many of those places there were in one location.

Hi Bart - You mean the best XLB I had was a fluke! LOL! Been back to Mei Long Village, and the XLB's were great as always.....

Hi Billy - This one is on Valley Blvd, about half a block down, and across the street from Focus Plaza.

Hi Howie - So that's what keeps them in business! Hope you're having a great New Year!

Hi Candice - 10 minutes per toe...that means the massage would cost $100.....I think I'd rather buy 10 orders of XLB! ;o)

Hi Clayfu - I have no clue what you mean, do tell! *double wink* This from personal experience, right??? ;o)

wandering chopsticks

Oh! This is a reminder I have to write up my favorite dumpling house. And I'll be sure to photograph the xlb, after I bite into it to see how much juice comes out. But more juice just means more fat, and I already have enough of that, thank you very much. Anyway, then next time you're in SGV, you can add a third place for dumpling house war #3. :)


Hi WC - Can't wait to see it!

Andy 食神

now just imagine if you could sneak away, get a foot massage and get XLB delivered straight to your massage chair?!

there are plenty of foot massage places in the PRC.... perhaps its just natural they have migrated into the Chinese heavy San Gabriel Valley.

It surprises me that we think of hte same things..... or visit the same restaurants. I started taking a collection of foot massage places back a couple of months ago.. but never did anything with it. It's amazing how many places there from Del Mar to San Gabriel on Valley. Who patronizes these?

I've never met anybody who has visited the ones in the States.... everybody just talks about the foot massage places they've visited in the PRC.


Hiya Kirk :)I've got one place in mind, been to Wok and Noodle, its a gem, both quality & food wise :) Its on 828 W. Valley Blvd. Alhambra,(626)588-2284. They even had tt similar frying fish you posted haha, with a mild spicy sauce, fish is fresh and "crispy" shuong xu chuen yu. I feel u when it comes to mushy textured nian big time !! This place got really good nian gao and shanghai noodles stir fry, whole plate for 4.25 !!'ll not get dissapointed with the xiao long baos here, I love the dough to be thin too, no no on the thick, floury dough, ya ? Well, if you & missus got that craving again, give this place a shot :)


Hi Andy - I'm just as curious as you...why so many?

Hi MW - Thanks for the recommendations.


Hi all -

RE: Foot massages. Tried it for the first time in China with a group of friends. Tried it for the first time in SGV yesterday. Never noticed them before until I got back from China. Best $15 bucks you'll ever spend! Do try it. :)


Hi Poppie - All I can say is there sure must be alot of tired feet in the area!


those foot massages are awesome! there should be a review site of them all soon. it's a great deal, $15-$20 for an awesome back and foot massage! (and it's a real massage-massage, nothing more- at least as far as I know... esp since they're so out in the open. you can totally spot a "massage parlour" from the lack of open doors/windows) there are some more expensive ones, $40/hr, but they can be better and in a nicer room.

anyway, everyone needs to try them all at least once!


Hi, just a quick. On CaminoReal & Baldwin, Arcadia I spotted a Foot Massage place near 31 Flavers Ice Cream,went in to inquire.There was 3 women and 2 men getting their feet massaged, you can see it as soon as you walk in. The man at the door said "$20.00 for one hr. Grand Opening Special. I will go try it and report back to you!

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