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Thursday, 04 January 2007


Joseph E

Thanks for the review, Kirk. I had been thinking about this place since reading Ed's reviews myself. Now we will have to make it out there; I love home-style central Mexican food.



where can i find stuff like that in san diego!

Passionate Eater

Oh my gosh! They are so cute for providing their gravies and sauces in little paper cups to sample! I would definitely go there just because of how thoughtful they are to bring out those samples. SO cute!


nothing like gravy over everything...makes it so YUMMMMY!


Hi Kirk,
Since it's called ranas, I was wondering if it's just a themed decor or if they had any frog on the menu.


Anyone got a recipe for salt & pepper chicken wings? Seems like the ones from Golden Chopstix and Royal Mandarin should be easy to make at home. Traveling down to National City is kinda far just for chicken wings.


Ooooo, those dishes look soooo good. May be worth a trip to Spring Valley. Gotta try the Chonchita Pibil. I've made it myself after watching Once Upon A Time in Mexico (the director shows you how to make it in the special features section on the DVD), so I gotta try the real thing.


These dishes look delicious. Somehow they look kinda like Indian food to me?!


Hi JosephE - Happy New Year! The food was quite good, and we thought the service was excellent as well.

Hi Clayfu - I don't think Spring Valley is that far away. It was less than 20 miles.

Hi PE - We we're drawn in by the samples as well. You can really tell how proud they are of the food served at Ranas.

Hi Billy - you got that right!

Hi Trent - Didn't see any frog on the menu.....

Hi ShannonZ - You know, I haven't tried making those wings...and it's probably a good thing! Maybe someone has a recipe they can share?

Hi Denver - This version was a bit different from the two preparations I've had before.

Hi Eileen - That's a great're right, it does kinda look like Indian Food a bit doesn't it?


My kind of restaurant. I really wanna try that green pumpkin mole.

- Chubbypanda


Hey Kirk!
You have no idea how envious I am, reading this from real homestyle mexican here! :)


Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

To quote Austin Powers "Mo-lay, mo-lay, mo-lay!"


Hi CP - It is a nice place - good food, nice people!

Hi Kathy - Yes, I think I'd miss Mexican food if I moved back home.

Hi Elmo - LOL! Ole!


thx for the link =P.

really? its only 20 miles away... nice! my horrible sense of geography has me thinking its in Arizona haha.

ed (from Yuma)

I'm glad you enjoyed. I should point out that I really didn't discover the place. My friends Dave and Michelle from Jamul found it and dragged me there kicking and screaming - after all I get plenty of Mexican food in Yuma. But wow! All sorts of things at Ranas that I'd never tasted before.

Perhaps there is some distant connection between India and Mexico. I have read some experts on Islamic cuisine who speculate that certain features of Mexican food derive from India and the Middle East because Southern Spain was an enclave of Islam up until the time of Columbus and Islam acted as a conduit for food preps and ideas to flow from East to West. OK maybe.


Hi Clayu - Just wanted to make sure it;s within I'm expecting a post from you soon!

Hi Ed - Yes, I know that, but you are the one who kept "encouraging" us to go there...thus the mention. As for the Indian - Mexican link...who knows...after all there's the Trompo and Al Pastor!


Hi, my gf and I went to today. I had the cochinita pibil - it was tasty although a little too salty in my opinion. My mexican gf had the sopes and said that they were very tasty. I confirmed that they were well-prepared; crispy with proportionate amounts of carnitas, beans, lettuce, sour cream and onions on top. We shared a flan with kahlua sauce; it was dense and creamy flan whereas I'm used to the more jellowy kind, but it was good.
At the end of our meal, Oscar (the owner) and another waiter were huddled around a table and I overheard them reading something out loud that sounded very familiar. They had printed out the review from this site and were reading it! I came over to talk to them and they were lamenting the not-so-positive review on their huaraches. I told them my opinion of the meal and they were very receptive and seemed very eager to please - really nice and attentive service.


BTW, if you're looking for good "central mexico" type food in another location, check out Super Cocina in around the University and Freeway 15 area (don't know if this has already been reviewed). On a recent month-long trip to central Mexico, I had pozole about a dozen times in an effort to find the best but did not have any that was even close to the stuff they make at Super Cocina (I know, not a very inspriring name, is it?)


Hi Denny - I don't think they should be a whole the food at Ranas is quite good, and the service is great. It seems that they strive to please each and every customer which is a enviable trait. Also, I'm not a food/restaurant reviewer/writer, but a food blogger, I basically just share my meals with everyone. I don't think you'll ever catch me calling myself a food reviewer. I've been to Super Cocina a few times, but not recently, perhaps it's time again soon. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment.


Hi! I was just browsing through the blogs, and saw you were from San Diego as well. As I scrolled down, I saw those plates, and recognized them immediatly! This is one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego, thanks for reminding me I need to go back!

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