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Monday, 08 January 2007


Captain Jack

Hi Kirk,
Thats a great shot out of our hotel window. I knew my request for a high floor had to be good for something. I actually liked the broth of the ramen at Orochon a lot. Nice and spicey


To bad you didn't get to review Daikokuya. I have been to the Tokyo plaza and only eaten from the Curry House. I wish I ventured a little in to the unknown ;-)


we've been to orochon once; like the experience you had, the wait at daikokuya was way too long so we decided to try out this place. no comparison. i'd take the wait at daikokuya over this any day.

(i still have my orochon post to write as well--i guess you see this one in...august??? LOL!)

Christine D.

holy smokes, $1.25 for green onions?! Green onions?! I think that's another reason for the panic button.


Hey Kirk!

hehe, I agree with Christine about the green onions - that's crazy! I just went to Yotteko-Ya (near Fook Yuen in the McCully Shopping Center) for dinner today, it's definitely ramen weather! :)


Ouch, dude. That's some serious ramen rapage.

- Chubbypanda


Hmph - all those things should COME WITH - don'tcha think? I can't imagine being able to order a plain bowl of just noodles and broth in Japan. Maybe you can,...but -
I wish I'd brought my camera for the bowl of tonkotsu ramen I had within minutes of arriving there a week ago. Mmmmm! (And I got 4 slices of delicious meat in mine at no extra charge!)

Andy 食神

have you seen the prices for green onions these days? they are selling for 89 cents a bunch! That is high.. they should be around a quarter if not 33 cents a bunch.

even though, it is absurd you have to pay extra for onions. How do they stay in business? Perhaps it is simply the massive wait at Daikokuya that keeps Orochon filled.

Passionate Eater

Ramen that was over $10 bucks?! If I ever go to that place, I am going to bring my own green onions and bean sprouts in a plastic ziploc bag and pop em' in there once the broth and noodles arrived at my table. Otherwise, that is crazy! I hope they don't charge $0.50 for using the pepper shaker.

The Guilty Carnivore

That's a lot of itemization for a bowl of soup. Reminds me of the Simpsons where Krusty is busted for tax evasion and Krustyburger rebranded a "IRSBurger":

Homer: Let's see, I'll have four tax burgers, one IRS-wich, withhold the lettuce, four dependent-sized sodas, and a FICA-ccino.
Squeaky Voiced Teen: Fill out schedule B. You should receive your burgers in six to eight weeks.


Hi CJ - Yes, getting a room on an upper floor paid off with that shot!

Hi Billy - You need to check out some other places in the area...Daikokuya is really good! I'm hoping to get there next time I'm in the area.

Hi Pam - Can't wait for your Orochon post..... I think I may just suck it up and wait at Daikokuya next time.

Hi Christine - LOL! Maybe that's why they put them there!

Hi Kathy - Yotteko-Ya! I used to live right up the street before I moved to the Mainland!

Hi CP - It did turn out to be expensive.......

Hi Jenn - It was quite strange.....I hope you're having a nice holiday!

Hi Andy - Orochon looked to be doing bang up business the day we visited...I think alot of people really like it.

Hi PE - That's exactly the same thing the Missus said! LOL! Great minds......

Hi GC - You crack me up!

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